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  1. Salmonella is a serious bacterial infection of food, it causes diearea (loss of fluid) and 500,000-600,000 people die every year.
  2. i belive it was complete lock-down syndrome meaning his eyes are also paralysed. Becouse if it wasn't he would have blinked sometime within the 23 year period.
  3. I am undecided this is becouse if the universe is expanding, it has to have something to expand in to therefore it is finite. Also the theories on multiverses mean that if our universe was infinite there wouldn't be any multi verses. However the multiverse is only a theory and the human mind can not imagine infinity.
  4. Tugrul

    dear knees..

    To calculate how mutch enerygy is needed just do this. Mass of object moving x the force needed for movement= work done so Force(n)xdistance(m)=work done w=FN
  5. As mentioned, I'm using M-Theory which has 11 dimensions (I'm pretty sure anyway). I'm making an assumption that all the extras beyond the basic 4 are thought to be of the type that are tightly curled up at the string level (size). I know that this is just one idea about where they are, I guess I mean that the 11th one M-Theory adds is no different from the other extras. There is a video on you tube incorparating paralell universes and describing the 10 dimensions with pictures and stuff i will give a link, it might not be correct.
  6. :confused:Some say time is the movement of earth around the sun and the earths axis. Some believe in the space-time continuum. Others believe in different things. What about ageing of matter or shall i say existance of matter and the laws of physics. Could that be time? Here is an example if all forces and matter stoped to interact and spin would time carry on? Please state yours vieves upon this subject (i am aware of the laser experiments involving the sun and all that)
  7. I dont think things move through time, i belive that things are time. I see existance of quantum matter time.
  8. I am going to use the baloon example again Okay you have an uninflated baloon, draw two dots right next to each other. Then blow the baloon up, now look at the dots before the baloon was blown up they were right next to each other now they are far away. Baloon=Universe/multiverse Dot=Galactic cluster Thank you
  9. 1. Nothing (imagine nothing) 2. Reality (what it means)
  10. I would do it just to see that if we can do it.
  11. What is time?


    Is time just an human concept, or is time the movement of earth around the axis and the sun, or is time just the existance of matter? What is to say a day is 24 hours and a year 365.



  12. I belive the universe is just like a blast wave, it continues to expand untill it runs out of energy which in this case in dark matter.But i dont understand what makes the expansion speed accelerate. Thank you and have a nice day
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