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  1. Hello, All has been said with regards to improving memory, but here is an interesting website that is worth exploring with regards to memory. http://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newTIM_05.htm
  2. Hello, I am currently learning to fly, academically wise I am doing a science degree. Other interest in terms of studying that I would love to pursue would be Aeronautical Engineering, Law and Psychology! I have invested in some books related to all 3 subjects, first because I am learning to fly it is appropriate to learn as much as I can with regards to aviation, secondly I have an interest in law, and thirdly my girlfriend is doing psychology so I can always borrow her books. But my concentration at the moment is to complete my science degree with flying colours.
  3. Hello all, I have to choose one from the following pathways later on my degree: - Biodiversity and Conservation - Biological Sciences - Biomedicine - Chemical Biology - Chemistry - Molecular Biology. At the moment I am debating with myself the first 3 options, the good thing is I don't have to choose yet...
  4. Hello, I speak fluent Portuguese, English and Spanish. I did have 2 years of French at school many years ago so I was able to do basic conversation, not now, but I am on a mission to re-learn basic conversational French.
  5. A great guy, always loved a joke... Great Australia ambassador and a true nature lover... R.I.P Steve
  6. Hello, Some interesting comments. There are options around but I believe they are not as reliable as nuclear power, for example a place dependent on windmills what would it be of use on a day with no wind? Anyone with more information about the usage of graphite instead of water to control reactions?
  7. Hello, The effect only lasts 45 minutes, so they say. Read an article about this, i believe it was in "The Guardian" last week i'll see if i can find more information about the article online. Regards
  8. Support Portugal and Australia... But Realistically i believe Brazil will win!
  9. G'day, At the moment my qualifications are non-science related, i work full time and have registered with University of London to do a Foundation Degree in Science so it gives me a base and preparation to further my studies within the Science field, after the degree i am not sure what to do i have to make a decision (career wise) what route to follow in terms of the degree, out of all options either Biology or BioMedicine seems interesting for "me", we'll see when the time arrives for the decision. Regards, Pedro
  10. And a wing is more efficient at high speeds, hence why during take off roll the wing shape is different, the so called flaps will produce the necessary lift. Normally we set flaps to 5 for take off.
  11. Hi All, My name is Pedro (Born in Portugal) but living in the Uk for the past 10 years and I’m 23. I’m a student pilot learning to fly aeroplanes mainly at weekends with British Airways Flying Club, and now I have been offered at place to do a degree in science, after this is completed I am planning to do the honours and masters in Australia and who knows if I still have a brain after all this I might do the PhD. This is all for now, and I shall see you all around the forums. Cheers Pedro
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