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  1. The title of this thread describes the question. I am trying to come up with a "Magic" formula / flowchart which somebody could follow to try and make jokes. I am more importantly looking for patterns which could suggest certain things being associated with funny.
  2. Didn't think about that. Presuming the theory is correct. Would there be anyway to stop cellular process this way but with another element.
  3. If you where to inject Ion (oxygen) (negative charged) into the human body more specificity body cells would this cause cellular processes to shut down such as the electron transport chain in respiration. Which ones , and how long.
  4. Urea break down into ammonia which was and is still used in bleach.
  5. gbg112

    Sulphic acid

    Sorry my English is bad , i thought it was something like nitric acid . Still can it be obtained from some biological organisms.
  6. gbg112

    Sulphic acid

    Does anybody know how to make sulphic acid out of organic compound readably available . more info A friend of mine did it and challenge me to see if i can do it. I am pretty sure it was some fluid from some insect but i have no idea.
  7. You are not the only one to laugh at that. Could it be possible to extract the anti bacterial or pain killing substances (not for use since there won't be enough for use just to say i have done it.)
  8. LoL love having arguments i mean civilised conversational debates with those stupid i mean with those people who haven;t been given a basic bio lesson.
  9. I have often wonder about a collective forming , afterall if you look at our society (in MED countrys) we are like agigantic body . We have telephoen and internet - nerves , We have roads - blood / lympth , we have farms - leaves , we have sewers - lympth sewage farm -kidneys government - brain e.t.c. See we are like a great big body.
  10. I knew you wouldn't get anything useful of this. Would the enzymes be pulled to the electrodes ? Also can saliva be used for anything?
  11. So he will waste his time on that instead of things that actually work , also the basic thing that are there can be used.
  12. There is one simple method which could heat water 1000's of time hotter 1000's of time quicker than anyother suggestion but it's not possable yet. Putting it in the sun --(not including time it takes to get there)--.
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