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  1. Yes this is quite true, all the same it is an interesting idea, lol!
  2. Individuality is becoming ever more a rarer and rarer thing. Individuals are now frowned upon by society at large. Is this a new stage of evolution, in which humans are in the early stages developing a collective consciousness? More and more people are conforming to "normality",-definition of normality being- adhering to a standard, pattern. Is this the start of the abolishment of the individual? People dressing the same, behaving the same, eating the same foods, engaging in the same activities, (I shan't give examples as I'm sure each of us can think of many) at what point can it be said that they think the same, that they think...collectively? Nowadays true individuals all seem to posess an ability to acknowledge others beliefs, others individuality and respect them. Concordantly the "normal individuals" seem to cast out the "true individual" for being abnormal. So a possible stage of evolution, toward a collective consciousness?
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