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  1. I figured it out. I made the mistake of connecting my distilling apparatus with rubber stoppers. So I'm guessing there must be small bits of rubber dissolved in my ethyl acetate. Does anyone know if activated charcoal will clean the dissolved rubber out of my ethyl acetate?
  2. Yes. Before distillation it was clear and left a film, after it was yellow and left a film.
  3. I bought some M.E.K. substitute from home depot since I read on the MSDS that it was 100% Ethyl Acetate. So I did an evaporation test on some glass and it left a film so I decided to distill it just in case. Anyway the ethyl acetate was clear when I started now its slightly yellowish and still leaves a film. What makes it yellow and should it concern me? Also is the film normal? Thanks.
  4. Air drying for the most part should be fine for me. But lets just say for example I was distilling pure acetone, and then right after that I started to distill pure ethanol (again this is just for example) how many ml of the ethanol distillate should I let run through the condenser until it would be fully rinsed? by the way my Graham condenser is 300 mms long. Thanks again.
  5. Hi I just bought my first condenser, its a Graham condenser. I did some simple distillation and It worked well. I just was wondering what is the best way to dry out the inner coil? Thanks.
  6. so i was thinking about how NaCl is edible and very simple to make. So what i was wondering is if you guys know of any simple synthesis experiments to make edible compounds. Thanks.
  7. yeah thanks i will make sure the crystals are dry and pure before tasting it.
  8. So i know that Sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) + Hydrochloric acid (HCl) ==> Sodium chloride (NaCl). So what i want to do is make some crystalize it and see if it tastes better or different then normal table salt. It seems to me like this would be safe to do but just to be sure would tasting homemade salt be ok? Thanks by the way i do have experience HCl.
  9. Ok thanks i will try that. Also is there anything that can be made with alcohols and HCl? I'm asking cuz alcohol is cheap and i have lots of HCl
  10. Hi i love inorganic chemistry and have been doing it for a while. But i'm starting to get interested in organic chemistry, I just dont know were to start i dont have any advanced glassware or stuff like that. So can some post some simple organic chemistry experiments for me to do? Thanks
  11. what i want to know is can a person (Me) from the U.S synthesize and sell chemicals on Ebay to others in the U.S legally without a permit? Not dangerous chemicals like acids, but chemicals like copper sulphate , copper carbonate, manganese chloride and stuff like that? The reason for me asking is its my hobby to synthesize chemicals, so i wanted to know if i could sell them on Ebay for a little extra money.
  12. i put some copper wire in it and it dissolved to a light blue solution so i do think its nitric acid.
  13. Hi i have been trying to make nitric acid, and i have some questions to make sure it really is nitric acid i have made. here is what i did. Put 80 grams ammonium nitrate, 37 grams of copper, 50ml water and 100ml HCL into flask with a stopper and a tube in it so i could bubble NO2 into 50 ml of cold 3% H2O2. after i heated the flask by putting it into hot water it started bubbling. It is strange to me the gas in the tube never looked brown or red like NO2, why is this? also when it was finally done done bubbling i poured what i think should be nitric acid into a beaker, and it is bubbling like carbonated water, why? what is bubbling out? So is this really nitric acid ?
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