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  1. Hah, morbid curiosity? Well then. What'd you play as, and what turned you away?
  2. That i'm not sure on, i'd have to ask my mother. I'll reply back in a little while.
  3. I'm curious as to whether any of you play either Warhammer Fantasy Battle or Warhammer 40,000 (Games Workshop's LotR game doesn't count ). I've noticed large populations of the gamers on certain imageboards and other forums, so i'm wondering how widespread it is over here.
  4. Hey everyone. I've run into a little conundrum recently, relating to my applications for financial aid and college and such. It's a rather complex situation, so i'll try to describe it to my best ability if anyone's willing to help. There are two people involved in this: me, and my estranged biological father. I have not seen my father in twelve years, and in fact am very hesitant to want anything to do with him again, since he's not exactly a very rational person (in fact, he's insane). He pays child support, however, and also happens to be a Vietnam War veteran. His Vietnam War veteran status is what i'm considering to use to get certain scholarships, since i'm at poverty line. Thus, I have this to ask: Does the fact that I recieve child support make me a dependant of my father, and, if so, is there any way I can apply to any scholarships for dependants of Vietnam War veterans without having to confront him in person? Any help on this would be appreciated, and if I was vague or phrased things poorly, let me know.
  5. Hey everyone! Haven't posted in a while due to a whole assortment of occurences (internet went out for a few months, then laptop's battery died, then a whole battery of school projects since i'm a high school senior, etc.) but i'm back now.
  6. Okay, this is just getting more and more irritating. It's happening again. Jiggling worked the first time, but now it won't, no matter how much I jiggle it. Sadly, my warranty's over. What am I supposed to do with the duct tape or soldering? Or is there a less complicated thing I can do? Hopefully I don't have to buy another adapter, since i'm a bit low on cash.
  7. Thanks! Come to think of it, I think I accidentally tripped over my power cord, and afterwards it just powered back on. I guess that jiggled it good enough.
  8. And now, for some reason, it IS charging. What the heck is going on?
  9. I've got a Thinkpad T23 laptop, about a year or two old, and for some reason, the battery just isn't charging. I've checked my outlets, they work perfectly fine, and my AC adapter is plugged in properly. I think I only have about 30 minutes left before it runs out. My battery isn't charging. Help?
  10. Due to carbon's versatility, I think we'd have more of a chance finding organic compounds containing sulfur instead of something based entirely on sulfur, just like the concept of silicon. Maybe instead of being based only on sulfur, it'd just be a major part of the creature's body?
  11. Wouldn't they just cool down in a cooler atmosphere and be rendered solid? Thus I don't think they'd be able to leave their world, would they? Someone verify this. Also, they'd have to live in a narrow stretch of temperature range, since it says that the viscosity is reduced after a certain temperature.
  12. Screw them both and get AntiVir XP. http://www.free-av.com/ I've tried both AVG and Avast in the past and didn't like them.. till I found that.
  13. Kermit

    Abortion Survey...

    (M)(16) I tend to pick "pro-choice" if asked to, but I generally don't label myself as such, or even as the alternative. I think a mother should have the decision over what's consuming a part of her nutritional intake. I'm too scared someone's going to foam at the mouth and lunge at me for supporting an ideology opposite theirs. Hey, if they can host parades outside abortion clinics and do other crazy things, i'm fairly sure they'll foam at the mouth and try to bite my throat.
  14. It's not just an isopod, it's a boy! Such a bundle of joy, why barbecue him? Grill him.
  15. I could almost imagine this newspaper headline: "Hacker Site Links Posted on Science Forum, Sudden Upsurge in Scriptkiddies" Isn't that what always happens, anyway? I haven't met an actual hacker before, just people who type stuff into textboxes and assume that they're hacking.
  16. http://www.free-av.com/ AntiVir XP. Also comes in other editions for the other windows and such. Get it, because the anonymous black text in the light blue text box told you to.
  17. I'm highly curious as to who had the initiative to open up notepad, type in that exact phrase with the exact punctuation and save it. The conspiracy thus isn't on Microsoft's behalf.. it's on the guy who figured that out.
  18. Speaking of deep sea life, look at this cuddly specimin.
  19. Next they'll call in the motherships and enslave our earth women, cause heck, it's lonely out there. Though one has to picture the size difference..
  20. Thanks, I must've been thinking of something else when I was thinking about the coils.
  21. Haven't been on the forums for a while, been busy with school and stuff. But hey, i'm free now. Anyway, what i've been wondering about lately are tesla coils and railguns (not in relation to eachother, just wondering about two seperate things). Mostly tesla coils, though. From what I can recall, they generate very strong magnetic fields.. but what else is there to them? Also, how do railguns work, and are any actually in existance? I can't exactly find a very in-depth technical resource on them.
  22. Great points, people. Tomorrow, as a supposed assignment, we all have to write 5 simple questions about Of Mice and Men that we're going to ask eachother in class. I'll write them all in English they don't understand, use synonyms a lot, and make them insanely hard. All in the name of sadism.
  23. I had a situation sort of similar but not quite a year and a half ago. I told a longtime friend of mine that I was in love with her, and supposedly she said it was mutual, but later it turned out she was just confused and then I dumped her. And nowadays she's been with at least 10 guys ever since and they all feel her up, though I couldn't care less. The moral of this story: Any fat guy could get a girlfriend, but it takes a strong man to make a Purdue chicken satisfied.
  24. I've made only slight progress, my letters are still overly angular, and it seems to be easier to write with a pencil.. but eh. I guess it's going to take a year or two to write as well as my right?
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