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  1. Hey, you done ! Right. Your next round to solve this Puzzle. Play free online brain games and puzzels. Free puzzle games and brain games that make you smarter. For more information about, Brain Games and Puzzle Games.
  2. I have solutions for this math : Multiply the second digit - Carry over if applicable - Add the second digit - Carry over if applicable - Multiply the first digit.
  3. I play this game and its really very enjoyable. I know this and its cube are not much easy. Thanks for this link.
  4. The problem is only of 3rd dot. And its very completed to apply last theorem. So, try for this twice.
  5. I think as usual 10 minutes early than the routine schedule.
  6. I am new in this forums. So, i want to solve some puzzles. So, my confusion is remove.
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