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  1. Hello, i've been having trouble thinking of a science fair project for my Sophomore year in highschool. My partner has a moderate amount of experience with automobiles, yet i'm an aspiring theoretical physicist. She's fairly complacent and really only wants it done. I'm really picky, which is my ultimate downfall. But at this point I haven't much of a choice. We're both enrolled in Molecular Biology at the moment, and the teacher is an FFA fanatic, so he is only concerned with agriculture. The only chemistry/Physics teacher is in the arctic at the moment and I'm positively stumped. If any of you can help me by brainstorming come ideas i'd be very thankful. Sincerely, One of the Few
  2. Hello, i had a dream a weeks ago, and still remember this vividly. It has confused me in every way, i have spent a very long time contemplating its meaning. First I see my self (or to what I assume to be myself) Carving a three pointed star comprised of scalene triangles rotating clockwise. All corresponding points are linked by punctures, into the wood of an old oak desk in my house. I look deeply into this symbols and a quicksilver mass rises out of the center, twisting and writhing, I proceed to look into the mass and see a horrific eye pulsating, growing and shrinking, pupil dilating and encompassing the whole eye. It is all so confusing, I could really use some help, whether it is interpretation of said dream, or a tidbit if knowledge to what this symbol is. Thank You, One of the Few
  3. I have it! Fity must have been hardcore tripping on LSD and what happened was his little hallucination while he was robbing a liquor store and killing cops.
  4. Honestly, everything they claimed is one big brown pile, and you mentioned it had gone invisible? The energy to "make it go to a different dimension." would require impossible amounts of energy.
  5. Thanks, this is really reassuring. If I hadn't asked, I could have wasted a lot of money.
  6. I have a simple question, if I were to use a cylindrical NdFeB magnet and coil it in a plastic coated copper wire, would it amplify it's magnetism? (such as in iron or nickel.) Furthermore, if I were to get ahold of liquid nitrogen, would this "contraption" super-conduct? I am very interested in learning how electromagnetism works, and wish to go further than coiling iron nails.
  7. Yeah, the larger ones will most definately have it. But if you are so determined so get ahold of a copy, you should probably just shop online. It will save you a good bit of effort
  8. Good, idea. At stores like Border's Books I found several copies. I wouldn't know where exactly to purchase a copy, as i came by mine as a birthday gift.
  9. Perfectly put, when we fall asleep, the part of our brain that forces reality and conformity shuts down. We are left defenseless to our brains' "secondary" interpretation of reality. Our brain is so complicated, we may never fully understand it.
  10. The most obvious is of course newton's laws. They are 100% solid, granted there are a few inconsistencies, but that was only because he lacked the technology we currently have.
  11. What a coincidence! I did too! Edit: Still do *
  12. Good point, very good point. What you've got going on is a lot like my grandpa, he makes a fine sum of money but is still retired. It really seems like the way to live.
  13. Sorry iNow, next time i'll use the complicated, time-consuming route. xD
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