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  1. Is it possible to believe in an intelligent designer and evolution? Hypothetical Question: Say the bible and all other creation texts and stories did not exist. But instead we found some old stone books that told the story of an intelligent designer creating the universe and earth - and through a guided process of evolution, humankind was eventually formed in the creators ultimate vision. If that book existed and was the only book, would everyone believe in an intelligent designer without question?? With us not knowing the origin of life, sex, the universe etc., can one believe in evolution and an intelligent designer (assuming the universe is not infinite)?
  2. So the theory is that the Earth was very hostile, unpredictable and dangerous early on, and it was too much for asexual organisms to survive? So instead of continuing to reproduce asexually, they started exchanging DNA to reproduce organisms that had mixed genes to better adapt and evolve? But if the asexual organisms couldn't evolve and survive the harsh environment, why would exchanging DNA with similar asexual organisms that can't evolve or survive the harsh environment, make a difference and/or allow them to change and evolve? So now do we have to look at the origin of multicellular organisms? It seems that single celled organism would have had to evolve into multicellular organisms, prior to the evolution of sex.
  3. How important is the origin of sex, to evolution theory?? I would think it is pretty important, but I keep getting different answers and hearing different theories? Are there any hard facts I can use, or do I just have to pick the best hypothesis? Why did the earliest asexual organisms feel the need to bump into each other (exchange information)? Why can't asexual, either multi or single celled, organisms mutate and evolve just as sexual, multi-gender organisms supposedly did? In fact, wouldn't asexual organisms reproduce faster, allowing them to evolve and mutate if they were in a harsh or changing environment?
  4. From: http://www.space.com/scienceastronomy/solarsystem/origin_sex_010710.html "Roughly 1 billion years after the first organisms romped in the hay, the origin of sex remains one of biology's greatest mysteries. Scientists can't say exactly why we do it, or what triggered those initial terrestrial flirtations. Before sex, life seemed to manage fine by employing asexual reproduction -- the cloning of offspring without the help of a partner. Now a new study out of Caltech and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory has used digital organisms to simulate life before sex and yielded a possible mechanism for instigating Earth's first courtship. Intimacy never sounded so stressful. Comet or asteroid impacts could have stressed asexual organisms enough to send them down the path of sexual reproduction after forcing a flurry of genetic mutations, the study shows. Heavy doses of radiation might also have done the trick."
  5. So basically single celled organisms mutated and evolved, eventually creating males and females. More genders could have been created, but since more that two would be problematic, male and female became dominant. Then over time those male and female organisms became more complex and evolved and mutated into various plants, mammals and reptiles? So as a map, you could do something like this below? Single celled asexual organisms Mutated and evolved single celled organisms to multi-celled, multi-gendered Male, female and hermaphroditic multi-celled organisms Evolution of plants, reptiles and mammals with two genders
  6. So are their maps of how male and female humans came about? Example: Hermaphroditic organisms Hermaphroditic organisms mutate One organism mutates with more male traits, one mutates with more female traits Base on environment, organisms mutate into vertebrates Male and female vertebrates - great apes Great apes evolve into humans Please forgive my vagueness and/or ignorance. But could someone help me break down a more in depth map on how male and female humans came to be? Thanks very much.
  7. For a project, my teacher assigned a writing assignment where we are supposed to explain how Males and Females came to exist separately, but mess perfect with one another. I think my teacher may be a pro religion, but I don't know for sure. But I am having a hard time finding answers to the questions that we are supposed to use in our paper. Did males come from females? Did males and females sprout up at exactly the same time? Males and females are so different so how did they evolve to match perfectly? If there wasn't both male and female at exactly the same time, to evolve at the same time, then the whole process dies in one generation? etc. etc. I was reading something about how hermaphrodites prove Darwinian Evolution, but I don't really get this and don't know if I should use this in my paper. Can someone help me on this? I am not necessarily trying to prove my teacher wrong, but I want to have some solid facts and science. I don't want a bad grade just for having different beliefs. But if I don't make a strong argument that might happen, I don't know. Any input, articles, links etc. would be helpful. Thanks
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