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  1. Asimov and others have been saying that no work is being done because no distance is moved, but is that no the same for the stationary boat using 1000hp to maintain equilibrium. So clearly you have to take your distance with relation to the water not the actual position in space. Meaning as the anchor is providing a force and is going a distance (relative to the water as previously explained) it is doing work. as the speed of the river in both cases is the same, i would say it would be doing 1000hp of work, but i cannot work out where this energy is comign from, in the engine example it is comign from the fuel, here i dont get it, is it e.p.e or strain energy or somthign, but that doesn't make sence as thats liek a gain of energy with regards to the system which is impossible. It is a rather confusing senario, but i dont think you can say as it isn't moving no work is bing done, as this would be the same for the motorised boat but we have been told it is doing work.
  2. I think all of you have over simplified this. I took it as an equal probability of the following meetings (d=dominator s=sharer) 1/4 D+D, 1/4 D+S, 1/4 S+S, 1/4 S+D. I then took the number of offspring that would be produced D+D = 12D (dont think of it mathematically) D+S = 12D+8S S+S=12S and S+D = 8S+12D, (i have added into the equations the partners they might meet but only done it for the meetings of each group.) therefore when you add up the amount of each you have 28Sharers and 36Dominators, which using ratios then for a total of 2000 will give you the answer that for some reason i cant give, so wont. but i can pm it to you to check. P.S what the hell is that furbles program for, i played with it for a while you cant even make them explode or fight or anything.
  3. You cant be right about that helium thing i want proof. Surely the speed of the waves do not determing the pitch, the frequency does, by having the waves more faster just means it will reach your ear quicker, thing about it. If your voice box is vibrating at 30Hz (for example) it will make the changes in pressure of the helium be at 30Hz also. I have always been told that the reason helium makes your voice go funny is because it constricts the voice box (due to its lower desity) making it unable to produce the right sounds.
  4. I recently read in new scientist that "scientists" are comeign up with white hole therorys that say there are white holes where what entered a black hole exits, either in the same universe or in another universe.
  5. which is where the idea for solar sails came from.
  6. Hmm... thats spun me out, i thought photons were electromagnetic waves and hence the definition of the speed of light is their speed. My addition to this thread is that It would be easier not to consider trains as this puts thoughts in our heads that do in no way mimic those of very fast moving things. If we thought of them as photons (or particles) moving relative to each other then it will be easier to understand. I will take it also as them moveing at 300km/s so with 1000 of these particles moveing as you describe the theory suggests that the finall one P1000 will be moving at 300,000km/s © Now, according to all of einsteins relativity work this should be impossible. But as the speed of light is irrelative (is that a word) and no matter how fast im moving it appears the same speed i.e if im movign 10m/s away from a ligth source pointed at me i will mesure its speed as cm/s not c-10 m/s this would give you the fact that if you were on P1000 it would mesure at c, and if you were at p1 p1000 would mesure at c also. I'm no physics proffesor so i couldn't tell you what this means. But i hope its helped to throw some ideas into your head. I think (but dont quote me on this) that as you move faster time slows down etc, so when observing p1000's speed compared to p999's speed from p1 you will not see a difference in speed of c but only a very small amount, however on p1000 as time is the same it will be as if you have travelled further in the same time. Am i right about that? I think that may be the solution to tyour conudrem if i am.
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