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  1. the dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh is the comment you made................ it is 'pulsating' magnetic fields that can be used on the brain and affects noted as a 3 tesla magnet can pick up your car
  2. i agree words are what enable comprehension while math describes experimental evidence no matter the math, the knowledge must conform to experience over acceptance of laws (experience, rules over math but math can become the last word, if true) words combine knowledge with experience the problem is often rules subdue the progression (see religions for proof of that) or ie.... the second is not pure, just observe the 1st (it makes the second moot) reason? Where did the potential difference come from (causality).)
  3. why not state it clearly; the sky 'in total' is better described as black with lil white dots than blue; as to leave earth; the blue is thereby almost exclusively observed upon the earth (naturally speaking of course) some say, well the sky is the atmosphere; then i ask what is the night sky. my point is 'observational' or having an expanded view offers far more than staying put just to retain assimilation to the 'classical' view of observation. that is what science is all about. for example; if we all within 'existence', and we are from evolved life that came to be able to
  4. nearly but not (google burning Hydrogen) kids are doing it all over the world right now! and then tell this forum what happens if you add a few elements (maybe even an alkali in the water vabor after the initial reaction of the H and O), could that add a wee bit of 'light' sure, all them batteries and within the instructions guide that came with them, are you suggesting they represented that or it is some other interpretation and you are calling it 'the answer' it was to assist you with understanding the 2 parts of electricity (voltage, amperage) i will leave the rest for
  5. thanks for the opinion it seems like a good method of just shelving the B bats, the electroplating the ideas of 'creating' light or basically the inclination any might have to tinker thanks for that fine representation of just being complacent with what others represent
  6. K, i love the pursuit of evidence that is verifiable. (ie... once the truth is established and the understanding of life is comprehended globally; the rituals of beliefs will be over) i am on THE TEAM i am with you on that; we have the internet and why borders and direction of educational pursuits can be overcome. but in this case; the sky is more often black with lil'white dots than blue such as life has abused entropy for billions of years and the evidence far exceeds any measurements
  7. i have been wrong from the eyes of the 'community' for almost 3 decades on more items than you can shake a stick at don't mean i am wrong to myself (meaning; i have more integrity to seek truth, reality and the absolute; then a reason to live) some talk about being absolute; some do it
  8. is each line in this thread all true, of common sense and with enough evidence that a child could comprehend it Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged now any can say the sky is not blue and be able to back it up
  9. as ooooosual i offer thoughts and get hammered
  10. so if i said the sky is black with lil' white dots; is it common sense with evidence or am i wrong just for observing in a different (albeit perfectly true) manner? ie.... eddington did not provide evidence for einsteins postulate on the space bending (eclipse) is what a mirage; the light from stars behind the sun are being diverted by the coronal energy of the sun. see how common sense and perspective just expose reality over the accepted renditions of classical physics
  11. to share that the 'perspective' to classical physics is relevant
  12. did you test it? is the quote from a guy in patent law? Did HE say, HE produced the potential (practically)? so you are being pessimistic without cause other than your personal knwledge being tested. because the attitude of yours is lost in contesting ME not the idea, the guy in patent law (to contest literally) or the publisher i posted an idea for a 'student' to think on as it was similar, easy and posted with something to read your post was nothing but condescending (offered nothing but negativity to the thread) at least i offered something the "inquisi
  13. What makes your claim so pure when common sense can shut that position down? Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged because of evidence, common sense, reality!
  14. so let's get this straight; the OP is asking a question that not a one has addressed but all have a love of me! Why do magnetic feilds not affect the brain? Why does a 3 Tesla magnet (MRI) not affect biological processes if living things run as classically interpreted?
  15. funny post at least 'ub' is correct wrong assumption
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