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  1. Thanks for your reply, i was hoping there is a camera fast enough for this maybee one day there will be lol Cheers...
  2. Ok most people no that light travels at around 186.000 miles per second, and WOW thats some serious SPEED, and Here is somthing that i would love to see and i think is maybee? possible, so let me try to explain in my own words what id love to see. By using a high powered hand held green laser preferably 400 mw and a high speed camera then turning the laser on and playing back the high speed recording of turning the laser on would it be possible to see the laser beam acctually moving, so there light has bin slowed down. Sorry for my bad english but i hope you understand me, this is just sumthing i wana see so it is a proof that light travels, evan though i no light does travel but this would be proof. I really wana see a video of somthing like this or somthing similar and i cant really find any videos on it anywere. Thanks Chris......
  3. Hello im chris, im not evan clever at all, but i love things that go on in space, so i joined up here to see what i can learn haha
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