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  1. Gravity is a constant. Light is but isn't. If you say put a slit of wood infront of that light it stops being lit. try to put a slit of wood in gravity...nothing. =D
  2. I could be like wrong here. But if I'm not mistaken E=mc^2 is m=mass c= speed of light ^2= speed of light squared.? I mean i thought it was that simple.?
  3. It's not specifically a battleship. By the way I found a new armor that will very well suite the Ragnarok. Carbon Nano-Tubes. Recently been experimented with Philip Streich. A 18 year old genius who won the Intel Baby Nobels award for his research on Carbon Nano-Tubes. Supposedly he can make these nano-Tubes extremely strong with small amounts of Nano. Now I have only done very little research on this Carbon Nano. But here is a video of him and his research at Intel. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8AtBPpyIRg Amazing. Also applications of Graphene.
  4. If big IF you somehow seen into the parrallel universes that would be amazing as well.
  5. Any other thoughts on this.?
  6. <Ragnarok>


    How do you go about cloning.?
  7. The materials needed to build a wipple shield. And this warship isn't like your average warship. It's much MUCH larger. Also, Sisyphus... I'll look into minerals that could be used as a armor.
  8. If I may ask. Where can I get these materials to start experimenting with.?
  9. an thin-ish outer layer of armour to be sacrificed to disintigrate the projectile and then an airgap to allow the projectile and armour vapour to spread out followed by a thicker layer to catch the expanding cloud of vapour and particles. although with the mass of a railgun projectile you'll probably want at least 2 air gaps and some kevlar lining on them all. How can we make such a thing.? Or is that already made.?
  10. Ok please explain to me what a wipple shield is. Then we will go from there.
  11. So then what do you suggest.?
  12. You know how diamonds are the hardest material in the world.? Well protien Crystalline is just 2 below that. wikipedia.org/crystalline . should tell you how that works.
  13. Mooey it is a naval ship. Using spacelike technology. Whats the point of camo Insane.? The ship is so huge it doesn't matter how camoflaged it is it's going to be seen. Also the crystalline I'm talking about would be formed by protiens, from genetic engineering. The titanium would break the projectile and the crystalline would stop the explosion from hitting the hull. It's just an idea so don't judge.
  14. Right now I would like to start with the basic concept of the hull of the warship. In my mind I see crystalline armor, with Titanium plating 3inches thick covering the crystalline. The warship will be about 800yards in length, it has two hulls connected by an alien saucer looking piece. The width of one (1) hull will be approximetely 200feet. It will be the color of Lime Green and Black. A model is being worked on this week. The ship will be able to deflect Railgun rounds, projectiles and small missiles.
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