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  1. Please, Guys. I need to know the context or concept as the case may be, of the SI standard of measurement 1: TIME 2: LENGTH 3: MASS why is time measured as a 9 192,631,770 cycles of microwave radiation. etc. Please i need an obvious and less gobbledygook kind of explanation.
  2. Hi, Guy i am a student having the enthusiasm toward mathematics, though not good yet. Hoping that joining teams with you guys can be of help. Thanks Real Name is : Peter Nickname: dexter
  3. Well, i think the weight contribute in the ability for geco's to walk upside down.
  4. i need to learn or i need to know if there is any site that can give the basic understanding of matrix. in the school i attended there is know good math teacher so this caused an effect to me. please i need help!
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