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  1. You guys were right it was the lighting, I ended up changing some light bulbs in some lamps from 13w led bulbs to 60w incandescent bulbs, immediately better. I really didn't realize how dim it was I always thought it seemed pretty bright in my apartment, but I guess it wasn't.
  2. Saw it on my Facebook, I haven't read the article so not sure what the reason(s) are, not sure if I'm going to, might just read the Facebook comments and watch people attack each other over it.
  3. Learned something new today, thanks! Just make sure you stand for the judge, they really don't like that 😁
  4. Lmao You don't think it's a pretty letter of the alphabet N? Not quite as pretty as K or Q, but it's not bad looking
  5. I know they didn't intentionally make a crazy chatbot, I was being sarcastic lol. I also know it's not the end all cure for mental illness, but don't see why it couldn't help in some way, if they can someday create a brain why can't they fix a brain
  6. I don't know I find it interesting and I'm someone who doesn't have much interest in learning about science or technology except to fix an immediate problem. This is neat, and so many possibilities with chatbots and ai overall, if they can create a crazy chatbot they can fix the brain of a crazy person. Plus it's my only hope of meeting River Phoenix, and I would take the smallest something over nothing
  7. I didn't even know I did that sorry
  8. I know this isn't exactly computer science, but I figured a computer scientist could give me tips, the pictures on my laptop come out grainy and ugly. Is there a way I can fix the problem without spending any money?
  9. Took me forever to find this thread. Well Hello everyone. It's nice to be here, and hope I meet new people
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