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  1. I know C and C++ are two fast, efficient, and mature computer languages that can be used to create operating systems, applications, and games. Are Go and Rust, two fast and efficient computer languages, that are also less mature than C and C++, good, if not better, alternatives, when it comes to speed and efficiency, for programming operating systems, applications, and games? I also know C++, Go, and Rust are considered modern computer languages, while C is not.
  2. Assuming equal proficiency in both C++ and Rust, it would seem to be simpler to build multithreaded/concurrent code in Rust than it is in C++ that is valid and causes no undefined behaviour. It is "easier" in that regard. No, trying to learn it is considerably harder than you might think. In other words, Rust is simpler because it is more challenging to introduce certain classes of dreadful errors into it. Therefore, it's simpler because making mistakes is more difficult. It's tougher because it's harder to do anything at all, particularly if you bring preconceived beliefs with you and try to impose them on how you operate in Rust.
  3. By convention, we refer to the major square root function when you say "THE square root." When working with real numbers, the primary square root always yields a non-negative value. Consider the two negative numbers multiplied together become a positive number, so x * x = x ^ 2 but, also, -x * -x = x^2 In most generalized questions the positive answer (x) is given, but technically -x is also an answer
  4. 'Electric wallpaper,' which uses cutting-edge infrared technology, is being installed in council homes in Greenford, promising incredible savings on energy bills and carbon emissions. If it is as effective as expected at lowering bills and increasing energy efficiency, it could be installed on a much larger scale in council homes (and beyond).
  5. Can anyone recommend a good philosophical book to read?
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