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  1. be that as it may, would you deter people from using IQ tests as a means of knowing where they stand intellectually? If so, why? Theres nothing wrong with using IQ tests like IQ detectors, to ascertain one's IQ range, with the benefits that act entails...
  2. I'm referring to school and college students; if Adam for example were assured that his IQ was 180, he might well be persuaded to take up Science for O levels, and consequently university. My point being those IQ tests were designed to show the way, pave the way, act as a guiding light. (In the IQ test category, are to be found other examples of same phenomenon, personality tests, etc, just putting that out there for what its worth.)
  3. attached is a photo of the WTC from inside, close up of the window ledges. As you can see, there were ridges of some sort, definitely some sort of thing for a potential window jumper to grab onto while passing. At least that act would have slowed him down to an acceptable speed, would have increased chances of survival.
  4. you forgot the adrelanine, the fight or flight reflex, that lends wings to mortal endeavours. Even in the absence of said adrenaline, it would have felt like the equivalent of 85 push ups, executed vertically. The physical strain would have been none too unseemingly.
  5. September 11, 2001 The South Tower Floor 85 "Come, Swansont!" I hollered, and Swansont and I leapt towards the open window. "Not so fast, young man," said Swansont quietly. Even over the screams, the din, his voice was as audible as though it were a lecture hall. "When you jump, keep pressed to the walls of the Tower," he said. "The walls of the tower?" I didn't understand. "Leap from ledge to ledge!" he said, and showed me. I watched, bemused, as Swansont took the first window ledge in it's stride. He leapt from the WTC window, and came to a halt a few metres below. His fingers had gripped the top of the window ledge just below. "Try it!" roared Swansont, above the din of traffic hundreds of metres below. I took a deep breath, and jumped. Ledge by ledge, we cannonned, progressively, towards the ground floor. My fingers were aching by the time we alighted none too lightly at ground zero. "Run!" said swansont. We weren't a moment too soon. The WTC collapsed all around us, or so it seemed. Looking back, it had been a close shave. Characters in this story are purely fictitious, but techniques of survival, well, those. Would they have worked if they had been put into practice, all those years ago? We will never know.
  6. Knowing your IQ can be an indicator as to what professions you might excel at. e.g like Einstein, if your IQ were 160, you might feel encouraged to become a scientist. If you score high on linguistic tests, you might want to become a DJ. If you have a certain personality type, e.g ENTP, you might choose such and such a profession. IQ tests, peronality tests, are all indicators, guiding lights.
  7. well many geniuses deomstrated such tendencies early in life. Mozart, Beethoven, Darwin, all these people deomstrated the ability or inability to correlate with society the way a normal person would. Such is no doubt part and parcel of being an outlier on the intellectual range. One sees deeper than other folk, and one reacts accordingly. "He was a gas station worker with an IQ of 180" is reminiscent of Buddha, a nother genius's philosophy, "What is life but a flash in the pan, we are here today and gone tomorrow" or "Whatever we accomplish in this life is of no consequence" That 180 IQ guy noted that and made it his philosophy no doubt. Well, 134 is borderline genius, in fact I score around the same range at IQ tests, I've peaked at 154 on one IQ test and 122 on a mensa test. But the point is that IQ, theres different forms of IQ. Spacial, verbal, linguistic, music, mathematic, logic etc You no doubt score high on the mathematical aspect of IQ tests while spacial/artistic components of IQ tests are more down your partner's line of ability. IMO, IQ is ingrained and while it can be fine tuned like a guitar, it cannot be added to in life. You cannot 'create out of a 120 IQ child a 150 IQ child because they go for music classes. Is there then an alternative way to measure IQ? I saw a IQ puzzle book that rated subjects on the basis of their reactions to real world situations, e.g, what would you do in such and such a situation, choose from option a, b or c. Do you think that's an accurate appraisal of IQ? Famous IQs of note, since we on the subject: Garry Kasparov: 180 Einstein: 160 Da Vinci: 200 Interestingly the highest recorded IQ of all time is attributed to a mathematics whiz, Marylin Vos Savant, who scores 220 on the IQ scale. Well by that definition, everything we do we do to assuage our inferiority complex, which is a fundemental push towards progress in any case. Why do we shop at TESCOS when the non branded items would work just as well, so we can feel better about our selves relative to others in society.
  8. You don't do IQ to tests to assuage your inferiority complex, if any, you do one to ascertain your IQ.
  9. On another note, have any of you forum goers done an IQ test? What are your IQs? I'd be curious to know. Anybody with IQs in the 180 range, for instance?
  10. not England as a 'state' of USA, but rather, a pact or treaty between two independent nations. And your point is? The idea that USA would 'recolonise' the UK, is chilling. Interesting point there; if BRUS were to occur, it would happen along the wheels of industrial collaborations, according to you? My point being, the USA and the UK have a proven track record of succesful collaborations in past times. Shouldn't be any reason to not work in the case of a treaty like BRUS.
  11. BRUS: British-US alliance. My logic runs as follows There was Brexit, a breaking away of the EU, a giant on the world plane, and now Britain is alone. Britain's loss of the EU can be replenished in the form of the USA. The USA while not a global governing body of sorts like the EU, is still a force to reckon with, being the worlds most powerful nation. In any case it is better than nothing. USA is also the country best fitted to form an alliance with the UK. That alliance has won wars time and again for the UK, in WW1 and WW2, no reason it shouldn't prove fruitful in the case of a political alliance like BRUS. Thoughts?
  12. I disagree, you forgot parallel dimensions. If you could go back in time in a parallel dimension, you might not be able to change the present timeline, but you could at least view it like a casual observer, as a passenger in a train views the speeding world withall. I kinda gather that the parallel dimensions are arranged in order of t=1 t=3 etc, where each dimension is one second ahead of the previous one? so basically, you agree that whatever happens in future, there is no way science can better the human race with its discoveries? well, you did say that 'a knowledge of critical mass and knowledge of capability' was the milestone in allowing humankind to determine what it needed next, in your example, bronze age men went from bronze age to iron age after they 'realised' they needed iron tools, or 'attained a knowledge of critical mass and knowledge of capability' to the effect that iron tools was what they needed. Well then, if we can attain a 'critical mass and knowledge of capability' relative to THIS era, then we are a step ahead in determining our needs and wants for the next era. Maybe we will discover, like the genius bronze age fellow who realised he needed iron tools, that we need a 3D cyber world, like a 3D internet that we can physically enter.
  13. the point i was trying to make was, if we can overcome those obstacles in the pursuit of the Time Machine, we would be closer to building one. And in my opinion, those seem to be the obstacles we need to overcome. It's got to be something to do with photons, the only thing that can travel at the speed of light, and we absolutely must travel at the speed of light to surpass it, etc. 1. I dunno what continuity is, but by 'person' i guess i mean 'particle, or object. Anything, as long as it can surpass the time space barrier and go back in time; a first step towards acheiving time travel. If as I vaguely recollect, CERN already did that, then how can we expand the CERN time space tube thing to fit a entire human being into it? With a wide enough time space accelerator, we could send entire continents back in time, one step at a time. 2.I didn't quite follow question 2; but I gather that one needs '3D time' to pass through it? Well, what is 3D time, and how does one achieve it? But I was aware that if you passed the light barrier you would go back in time, does 3D time factor into that, and how if so?
  14. oh, I see I'd posted that one before. I can't delete it though can I?
  15. an optical illusion is a trick of the eyes. That video is footage taken of a levitating person.
  16. Where are we headed? To answer this question, its important to consider the obvious facts: history revolves in circles. The cosmic equation, if there were one, is inclined to go round and round like a merrygoround. In other words, what has happened before must happen again and again and again. Does the bee not buzz repetitively? Do humans not reproduce, and die, then live, and die again in that order, eternally? 'Course they do. And that manifestation of cyclic rebirth and death, of a myriad forms of existence, is surely a big player in the question of 'where is the universe headed?' I reckon we've been going round and round like that merry go round ever since the big bang happened. WW2 for instance, was WW1 incarnate in a different time space continuum, as it were. WW3, well it's around the corner, very likely, going by what's happening in Russia. The crimea, the boer war, the medivial wars, all were fought again and again. Only the weaponry were more advanced with every successive war. The sticks and stones gave way to the biplanes and triplanes, which gave way to the dogfights with supersonic jets in the modern era. The world, history, travels in circles. Round and round. To discern where we are headed, look to the past. Where were we once upon a time? As far as the generalities go, we were always where we were. Therefore the basic goals of humanity have always been the same, will always be the same.
  17. flawed understanding? I was quoting from my good comrade georgie's definition of physics: "Understanding how stuff works" Now that naturally means understanding how the NATURAL world work. E.g the stuff on the planet that hasnt been invented, for why would a physician want to understand HUMAN INVENTIONS? Human inventions have already been invented, nothing to understand about them apart from in Physics class. So, my point stands: everything about the natural world has already been understood. Any pending manipulations via that understanding, i.e any new inventions on the cards? Newton's Gravity led to the moon landing. Understanding how a fish's gills work led to scuba gear. Physics understood how Gravity worked, not how moon rockets worked. The science students learn how moon rockets work, the physicists discover how the fish's gills work.
  18. so overall, some, but not all regions of science, or pursuits of science, are beneficial to the human race? Viz. Your physics definition; Its all about finding how stuff works, and naturally, how the natural world works, we can then use that information to manipulate the natural world to our benefit, like the guy who discovered gravity and used that information to build rockets. But my point is, the natural world has 99 percent bene perused to it's depths. We already know how everything in the world works, we've probed the depths of the oceans scaled the heights of everest. What is left to discover about the natural world? And consequently, what is left to manipulate about the natural world?
  19. well, i posted that above video by way of said proof. if he's levitating shirtless, and no hidden equipment can be detected on his person, he is obviously levitating via sheer skill, or mind power. On that note, have you watched Derren Brown? Mind reading stuff? he's done some pretty amazing tricks in his time
  20. prove me wrong. he's levitating with no additional hidden equipment hidden in his sleeve; for he is barebodied. prove that aint real levitation
  21. Is antimatter the answer? I vaguely grope at terms like antimatter, the big bang theory the matrix and parallel dimensions, as I try to find a way to build a time machine. Certainly factors like the light barrier, the theory of relativity, and quantum physics would play a role in the building of this hypothetical time machine But like Einstein came up with a formula for the traversing of the Time barrier, is it possible to come up with a technique, of hypothetical model for a time machine? Surely we can envision how to build certain parts of that time machine. And yet a lot of it's makeup would still be murky For example, "What you need to build the engine that would see the time machine breaking the light barrier:" 1. A racetrack in outer space conducive to acceleration beyond the normal range 2.A time machine capable of withstanding immense speeds (so diamond plated armour?) 3.A substance that can travel at the speed of light (so far only photons travel at the speed of light so for instance, is it possible to create 'Photon Fuel' like causing momentum by virtue of photons? Can photons be harnessed and used to power a time machine's speed? Isn't that the only way to create a time machine? Or can we affix cameras at the end of photon beams, so we can witness what life is like at the edge of the light barrier? Maybe there's angels of light living on that edge. Who knows?
  22. not at all; im just exploring various avenues of thought. for instance; we either did stagnate at scientific novelty or we didn't. if we didn't, what practical inventions could we come up with in the future? Have we not stagnated at human happiness; if we haven't; what possible inventions to further contribute to said happiness? etc yes, i agree relativity was the ultimate milestone leap, and on that note, would it be too far to say on an invention of a time machine could be the next big scientific invention on the blocks? never said it wasnt worth my time to study; it certainly would be if there was any practical use studying it beyond what it's already been traveresed. I am one of the unbelievers in that regard; i contend no matter how far we go, we will never extravagantly better the human race via scientific invention than we already have unless we come up with absurd inventions like A Time machine (now THAT would be a good one, I'd go back in time and unvote Trump) A elixir of life That sort of thing. And as you yourself would say, "Jesus" stuff aint science. Oh well then depends on your definition of 'science'. if science doesnt contribute to the furtherance of humanity, isn't it more of a sport, or an art form? Like the Mona lisa, the science of painting the mona lisa, doesnt benefit anybody that aint da vinci or van gogh. quantum computing, now we talkin'. quatum physics, the purveyor of the time machine, the only viable invention of importance in that region of science. alright then the question becomes one of determining what 'the critical mass of knowledge and capability' for this era is. Can we determine such via an algorithm for instance? if bronze age man had an algorithm to determine that the 'critical mass of knowledge and capability' of his era was 'lets build iron tools' he'd have ended up building time machines in no time. such is definitely the case with the impending invention of the time machine imo. better theory is called for before we can figure out conclusively how to build that part of the spaceship/ufo that can traverse the light barrier. We know traversing the light barrier = back in time We know vaguely what it takes to build such a invention (photons; that which reaches light-like speeds, etc) But more research is called for.
  23. oh wait...you're point is he had a levitation lever hidden in his sleeve? Well, sure, there's fake levitators out there But THIS video confirms the truth about levitation: it can also be real 3:44 has the levitation part. He is levitating bare chested. No tricks, no hidden levitating mechanisms. Warning: The dude is levitating in his underwear, so graphic content ahead. 'if' it's been on AGT, it must be fake.. people walk away with millions of pounds on the basis of the tricks they perform on AGT. Some tricks are just tricks or the mind, it's in the nature of the performance to be tricks of the mind, and like sleight of hand, entertainment purposes only, not to be believed literarily... BUT The reason levitation tricks are considered worthy is inherently because of the ability to go beyond the normal boundaries of science. If that were not so, the judges would give the levitations a red buzzer. The whole point of levitation is: People can levitate, its official. Its not like 'trick of the mind' its just a trick for entertainment Matter of fact nothing entertaining about a person floating a few feet above ground level!? Shaolin monk window cleaners....apply to Tibet Window Cleaner Agencies they are accustomed to cleaning windows of houses 1000 feet above ground level on the summits of Everest
  24. I looked into the subject of Putin vs the Rest of the world and it seems to be a stalemate. Which is scary because it means putin could hold out against a US offensive. Putin shows no signs of slowing down. So the US must counter his Ukraine offensive with force, or with guile. A horrible thought occured to me: what if the US tunnels into Russian homes and randomly take down the citizens of Russia that way, as a horrible but telling repartee to what Putin done wrong? An eye for an eye, as the Muslim world would say. One way or another this Ukraine crisis is very bad stuff. Either WW3 ensures of the US tunnel into Russian civilian homes or I dunno what. Do you? Lemme know in the comments. Moderator, I forgot to correctly allocate the topic section to the 'subcategory' thing, if you will be so kind.
  25. "bad physics"...it was a sc fi story!! "I’ve got a bridge I want to sell you"...oooh i see you're still an unbeliever, you are one of those fellows in the new testament "ye verily even if they brought back a dead relative from hades they wouldnt beelive in the kingdom of god" ...no changing a closed mind. " That was Star Wars, not Shaolin. " Why nitpick
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