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  1. Stay Golden Pony Boy I understand the confusion. 1st came philosophy. "Define It for me. Tell me What is the Difference." Define It = What is the Difference = 1 Social Perspective 2nd came Logic. "Define It. Deduce It." 3rd came Mathematics. Mathematics birthed all other arts and sciences. Philosophy is logical thinking. Logical Thinking is Derivation (adding) and Deduction (subtracting). True Philosophy = Logics = Mathematics Maths for the Win!!! Cross and Circle, Trinity Logo, Tenant Table, God (IT), and Energy bounds have all been deduced and pried apart. The are distinct ideas you have confused with one another.
  2. This was a trick question. Time is a tangible noun with repeating change (electromagnetic wave). Time is NOT Second. Distance is a tangible noun with no change (electromagnetic waves). Distance is NOT meter. What would happen if time went distance? Distance went to time? What is wavelength (spatial distance)? A SQUARE IS NOT A RECTANGLE. Time travel does not exist. The past will always remain a History. The future will always remain Mystery. I have deduced Energy Minimum and Maximum but will require a basic understanding of geometry, time, distance, linguistics, modern physics, and LOGIC. Logic birthed Mathematics. Mathematics birthed all other Sciences. Science = Creations of the MIND Art = Creations of the BODY Metronome, pattern, frequency, period, watch, clock, revolution, rhythm, time, etcetara. What do they all have in common? Deduce it.
  3. May someone please logically define time for me without mysticism nor convolution. I am confused. How do we measure time? If we measure time with distance then do measure distance with time? Isn't that circular logic? What is Wavelength? How do we convert between us (Earthling) and them (others born outside our solar system and use different units)? Time and Distance are both tangible nouns, they may be measured (touched).... right? Are they ideal nouns that cannot be measured and touched? Please define it for me. I am lost.
  4. If swansont reads this or if someone may tell him directly, "You are a Redonculous Pear-Berry with no friends and bad body odor". I cannot be bothered and I do not expect. My vote is you are the worst listener on this site. I have uploaded details on other platforms. Stop peeing into the wind and thinking it is raining. -"Dwight you ignorant slut" Apologies to all. I thought this forum discussed Science and was well Educated. Apparently it's full of neck beards playing Pokemon. "Cash me outside how bout dat!"
  5. Scientific Method = Inverse Artistic Method. Maths and Arts are one and the same just maths internal and arts external. Can't Place maths in you pocket. You are quite ignorant, not stupid but uneducated. Noun = Tangible (person, place, thing) or Ideal (idea) Time and Distance are both Tangible Nouns. Distance is unchanging so it may be scaled up or down (has associated scalar). Define Time. The only difference is one static and other dynamic. Time is not Second just as Square is not Rectangle. How did Time develop? Shadow growth and decay rates. Lambda(wavelength). Look up. Define. Time is dynamic spatial distance. Distance is static spatial distance. How do we convert between us and them? (Aliens, ET, The OtherKind)
  6. Could not upload full file nor writing. Please view on social platforms. Time - (a tangible noun) with (repeating change) Distance = (a tangible noun) with (no change) Combine Logics, maths, arts, linguistics, etc... MAINLY LOGICS Think Logically. DEFINE IT = WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE = 1 SOCIAL PERSPECTIVE Syntax garbled in upload. Contact or view on other platform. TIME IS NOT SECOND JUST AS SQUARE IS NOT RECTANGLE
  7. Cross (Symbol of static distance)- Perpendicular/Conjoin/Derivate - ADDITION Circle (Symbol of dynamic time) - Parallel/Disjoin/Deduce - SUBTRACTION View .jpeg Uploaded to social platforms (Steven Batha) Uploaded noun diagram explanation (specifically marriage)
  8. Ummmm...... wow. Totes. You are absolutely correct. Godspeed.🤣
  9. Thank you. Remember, if you may Define It it is Complex and if you may not Define It you are probably dyslexic.🤪
  10. Thank you for your comments and concerns. I can tell my inferior intellect is no match for your far superior mental fortitude. May your life be formatted to your liking. Jajajajajajajajajajajajaja
  11. I've uploaded .pdf file to my profile as well. Are those files uploaded not inspected by website? The .pdf file presents my points. Should I copy and paste from .dox?
  12. Thank you to all of the comments. This community is very welcoming. May you all have a wonderful day. P.S. If you dip a tums in honey and feed it to a squirrel they will get diarrhea.
  13. I understand. Thank you for being honest Peterkin.
  14. Please read .pdf file. Tenant image is an insert so one may preview. Please read .pdf file. Deduction.pdf
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