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  1. What is good? Well, different philosophies offer different concepts of what is good. I think each of us have to make up our own minds on what is good. Why is saving lives good? Because our personal philosophy tells us so. We have decided that this is good. However, this is not science; this is philosophy.
  2. I see, so there are two kinds of reflection. I checked diffuse and specular in my textbooks and it is there. I did not get it at first because the chapter on colors did not mention the term specular reflection. Now it is clear to me. Thanks. The part on polarized light is hard to me, but it sounds awesome.
  3. Science gives power and power requires guidance which philosophy can provides. We say that science has made things better. I have two thoughts on this statement. First, it is not just science, but the good use of science that made things better. Now what is good. Only philosophy can provide the answer. Second if things got better, why is it better - what is good in the first place. Again philosophy, not science gives the answer. Any answer is unscientific. Philosophy is unscientific but unscientific does not mean not true. For instance a mere hypothesis is unscientific, but it can shown to be true later after an experiment. In conclusion, science needs philosophy because it needs direction and guidance.
  4. I cannot see any conflict between the ideas of creation and evolution because creation is an act while evolution is a process. Evolution says how species arise. Creation says that something made species to arise. Creation does not say how species arise. Evolution does not say that nothing made species arise.
  5. I could not find the answer to my question in the physics textbooks I studied. My question is this: What is the difference, if any, between the reflection of light on a mirror and the reflection of all the colors of light on a white surface?
  6. I found the following in google: 1. Artery - the study of art 2. Bacteria - the back door of a cafeteria 3. Biology - the scientific study of the number 2 4. Nitrates - prices of services in the evening 5. Tumor - additional two of something
  7. I'm new here. I appreciate the physical sciences, biology, psychology, the social sciences, and philosophy. I also like my house to be as empty as possible.
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