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  1. Exactly. At least I hope that more and more people do realize that it’s actually more than high time to change their ways. Like I said, my hope is on the younger generation to get their priorities straight. But of course, it would be best if everyone did their share and tried to live as sustainable as possible. You can get an invite to Idena through the Telegram Group, there’s usually lots of people offering them if you ask. Most will probably ask for your training results though, so it’s best to first go to the Web App and do one or all three of the training sessions, so you have your certificate ready. Yes and no. There is always a specific time (so far, it’s been every three weeks, on Saturdays) so everyone globally takes the test at the same time. And then once you’re validated you can, or actually have to, pass the test every time, can only miss one or two in a row depending on your “age”. As to your last question: It’s to make sure that the network doesn’t have duplicate users, that one ID equals one human being. This is the democratic approach which makes sure that no one gains unfair advantage by running bots and such.
  2. I wouldn’t say that actually. In my experience, a lot of the Gen Z and Gen Y are interested and invest in cryptocurrencies and they are precisely the generation who are doing Fridays for Future etc. Of course, you can’t generalize either way, but I do believe there are many people who invest in altcoins and also care about climate change. That is also why I think a more energy efficient approach in the blockchain technology is due and that the currency which rises to that challenge, will be the next big thing in that field. Yes, like I said a friend introduced me to it and also got me the invitation, which you need to do the tests, get verified and then be able to mine coins. Of course you can also skip all that and only invest, no need to do the validations if you would only like to buy some coins. The test is split up in two parts plus one more task. For the short session you solve picture puzzles through logical thinking. So its 4 pictures and you have to bring them in the right order to make a story. You only have a few minutes to do it. Then there’s a long session where you do the same, but then also rate the puzzles on account of whether they have specific keywords in them and some other criteria. And then you also have to create a few new puzzles yourself, where you get random keywords assigned and have to make up a story using images from the web (or I think you might also use your own or draw something, not sure actually).
  3. I absolutely loved these books! Thanks for reminding me, I might have to reread them at some point actually. Haha I know what you mean! Was so confused, but the book is pretty intimidating in terms of size… I’m currently reading Daring Greatly by Brené Brown and Walden by H.D. Thoreau. Both very very good reads so far!
  4. That is indeed an issue I’ve been talking about with friends as well. As with anything else, climate change and global warming should be a criteria for cryptocurrencies as well, in my opinion. There has been some development indeed, most notably I suppose the fact that Ethereum is switching to Proof of Stake in the course of this year. Which in terms of energy efficiency is a good step in the right direction, but personally, I do see other issues with proof of stake, mainly it being not the most democratic way, because it favors people who invest a lot. And since you asked about existing altcoins who use the proof of personhood method for their blockchain, I only know about one at the moment, which is Idena. They do their validations by running a Turing test at the same time globally, every few weeks. Have you heard of it before? I started with it a few months ago, after a friend gave me the recommendation. It’s quite interesting to see how it develops.
  5. The purpose of life in my opinion is to make experiences. As many and as diverse as possible. In other words, and since you requested very few words: The purpose of life is to live it.
  6. Just discovered some songs of this new band which I really love. Spotify’s algorithm is truly brilliant sometimes Gah I love discovering new music!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2bnyZkEGFg
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