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  1. I have a query is the undermentioned ethical or unethical? Once upon a time. A long time ago. A little small state took on a very big state. To everyone’s shock the little state won. The small state had a trick up its sleeve. Read Mirage 2000.A new guy is now on the block. Enter the MIG. Define Problem Ukraine has two wishes. The first a no fly zone. The second MIG’s. War study academics ranging from Kings College London to Cornell University counsel against the first. Ukraine (and us) should listen. These guys have spent lifetimes studying the subject. They know. Poland does have MIG’s. It might be bad for Poland to provide. Possible solution From the Caribbean to Switzerland are a whole host of Oligarchs. They are in hiding from Mr Putin. They are no longer fans of his regime. They would waive fees. Happy to act as middlemen to buy MIG’s. This from one or assorted countries. These countries are only interested in paper end user certificates. As to ultimate actual recipient. No questions asked. Sellers in this case would have no interest and won’t. If Ukraine woke up to find expanded fleets of MIG’S overnight. It would be mystifying. They should look to the skies. God is good and on the side off. Identify sellers The Indian Air force have MIG’S in service since the 1970’s. A shocking half of the 872 MIG’s purchased have crashed. Yep it’s unbelievable over 400 MIGS HAVE CRASHED and this is not in action. They are fast replacing with MIG’s 29. Speed Mach 2.25 or 2.1 km/h . Their problem how to offload old MIG’s.Meanwhile if offered a ride in one. Look at your watch and invent an urgent appointment. Epithets include “Widow maker” and “Flying coffin”. Ukraine will be competing against the latest Sukhoi SU-35. Speed 2.39 km/h. Altitude 18kms. Such is the high regard for MIG’s. The Luftwaffe sold to the Polish Air force (FOR A POUND EACH). USA bought 21 (this was to block sales to Iran). Ukraine should also approach Drone makers. They are experimental ones in production. Manufacturer are eager to experiment in action. Like the AK 47 technology moves on. It would be wise for Poland Ukraine and the whole bloc to book new military aircraft and training courses. It looks like it might be needed. Note 1 Source: Wikipedia Note 2 Russians face arrest/firing squads if they protest. The world does not want Ukraine or Russians to be injured/die. Ukrainians should not disregard a temporary tactical retreat. Present boundaries for ever.
  2. Could President Putin be suffering the effects of mild COVID.? Certainly one of the symptoms is increased aggression.Medical science should discuss.Meanwhile a part humurous piece below: Privet/Zdravstvuyte Comrade, VK.com is used by 80% of Russians. Most Russians speak English. However, beware. It will ask for detailed personal information. It’s essential to lie. Using a nonstandard password is imperative. Details leak onto the dark internet. You do not want that. Most Russians have friends and relatives in Ukraine. They do not want war. Although outside the cities they are less aware. They are fed a diet of fake news. Comrade Putin may be suffering from Post Covid symptoms. COVID can affect different different organs including the brain. Even mild COVID can induce symptoms of paranoia and aggression. Many Russians will feel Putin at 69 has more than done his bit. He should now enjoy a well-earned retirement. It will be an interesting to see who they tip in his entourage as successors. This is of course a purely academic exercise. Putin is an alpha male. One unfortunate outcome of said discussions is entirely possible. Hotly tipped members will step in to helpfully relieve their leader. This will leave him free to enjoy Judo and hiking. They will do this because Putin is an alpha male. They eliminate rivals. Unless of course rivals act quicker. Threat is a powerful motivator. Internal threat fatal. The only reason they do not resist at present. Cars will drop in at midnight men in balaclava’s will insist on offering them a long ride. To Siberia. Survival instincts will go into override if they are nominated as successors. Even if they never volunteered for the honour. This is part of the realpolitik of present Russian politics. For this stratagem to succeed. You need loads and loads of people to login. It needs critical mass.18-25’s in particular are idealistic and computer/media savvy. This is potentially more effective than Molotov cocktails and Embassy protests. The world finds Ukrainians and Russians charming. They do not want either to die. Commence login. Nu togda Do Svidaniya
  3. Case study In 1986 the Space Challenger crashed. Seven people died. As far back as 1977 Engineers knew the O rings were potentially fatal. Managers would not listen. The maker of the seal would not listen. Budgets and deadlines were just too tight. Professor Feynman was appointed to investigate. NASA smiled helpfully but knew his findings could prove embarrassing. Staff were scared to tell him publicly what they really knew. The solution eluded Feynman. It was only resolved when Feynman was invited to dinner. The chief engineer remarked on his car engine. The seal at low temperature failed so the pipe joints leaked. Bingo. All that was left was to schedule next day’s press conference Post office scandal Circa 2014 - 2022.Imagine you’re a Postmaster. Sitting quietly at home. There is a knock at the door. It’s the Police with a set of handcuffs. At the station a big bully from the Post office HQ accuses you of stealing money. Your handed two choices including pleading guilty for a lesser sentence. Your lawyer advises you to take the former. After all, nearly 700 other innocent postmaster faced the same fate. But for the sterling efforts of to the efforts of 2 fiery firecrackers James Arbuthnot and Baroness Hayter and the Press they would still be languishing in prison cells. Possible Culprits have wiggle room Fujitsu. This is a Japanese company. It will argue it is a supplier and at arm’s length. “We are based in Japan for Pete’s sake. The UK end user is responsible. Besides we would have shredded all the incriminating evidence ages ago. If we had any in the first place. The courts will buy that one. especially if they are Japanese. They will point out they had to slog on GIGO (Garbage in Garbage out) computer systems. These resembled vintage cars to slow.The then superb state of the art powerful American IBM were not selected. Which is why very few wanted the contracts in the first place. No one else wanted a contract that promised lots of overtime and paper-thin profit. Japanese culture favours not whistle-blowers. They are bad for business. True a CEO of Fujitsu did have a leadership role in the Post office. People poaching is common in business and certainly not criminal. People are not laying out bets on the supplier shelling out. Litigation is expensive. Cutting one’s losses is cheaper. The Post office. The corporate culture is not severe and rigid as the Japanese. However, whistle blowing will likely lead to termination of contact in a few months. You were just so rude to that plastic flower pot in the corner. Other companies will give you the shoulder. Best to keep shtum. MP’s are worried. This month’s investigations will unearth nothing radically new. It’s like the second paragraph. It reprises stale news. To tease out evidence. A simple and cheap method might be of some assistance. Apply Mr. Feynman’s technique. Engage the people. Run up to the Post Office Human Resources. Get the address of all employees. Current but more crucially those who left or retired. This is the weak link if you want people to spill beans. Next invite Post office personnel by letter to write to a temporary holding office at Whistle-blowers Anon. This would be totally independent from the Post office. Informers with particular juicy snitches could be handsomely rewarded. Ms Cressida Dick would be a good choice to oversee the office. She is currently free and has good credentials in exposing villainy. The Post office has no money. It is government owned. Bail out time again. Forum comments invited to also include: For armchair science detectives do you think one or two people might respond to the hypothetical letter? Is it the fate Scientists and Engineers to turn eventually and inevitably into Science Bureaucrats?
  4. At work a large number of motorists seem unaware of the new changes. They come into force this weekend. With the understandable pressure of COVID and other it would be expected that Government publicity is low. Laws can have good intent and bad consequences as well as be fatally flawed. In Germany pedestrians always had priority. In UK it was cars. I prefer the old UK system re pedestrians. Its going to very scary. Especially on dark winter nights crossing junctions. Most cars 99% on probability will give way. 1 % will not. Simply because they do NOT see the pedestrian at the junction. Pedestrians will comfortably cross because they see the bright lights of cars who are clearly visible. We are ALL more vulnerable when walking .I feel there is a very real possibility when we are walking accident rates may rise. Cyclists also have to give way but we are less insulated and hence have a greater sense of the road. Theoretically at junctions and roundabouts as I approach on my trusty old 531 bicycle motorists should give me priority. Here common sense goes out of the window. Motorists are now unsure how long should they wait for me. Fair enough if I am kilometres away and you need a telescope to see. Any nearer and the motorist pulls out. It might invite a £1000 fine from any unsympathetic police car passing by. When cycling I do not think that many people will be hogging the middle lane. Cars are much faster. Irrespective of the law they will hoot and hoot. Cyclists are courteous and most will pull over to give both ample room. At present my friends cycle two abreast on quiet roads. In the city we will stick to single file. We will continue to. Again its about mutual respect and safety. I have attended lots of cycle events and a small minority of car drivers get very frustrated with the slow speeds of cyclists. Some of these car drivers are on genuine emergencies eg GP'S II am fully confident ALL Political parties had our interests at heart .However they should watch and review. Quiet a few University scientists lecturers I know cycle to campus. Scientists are above all superbly eco friendly. Lets not make it more dangerous than cool. Beware of poisoned chalices.
  5. Ask some teenagers who is one cool cat on the block. Some will include Pope Francis. He is a peoples Pope. He has at least 2 bicycles (gifted by a cycling champion and admirers) He resides in the modest Domus Sanctae Marthae. The more resplendent Apostolic Palace is empty. He quickly dispensed with the Hummer like papal limousine for a humbler Fiat. He of course Heads the Catholic church which does good works worldwide and is universally respected (as with other major religions). He has my vote. He recently hit the headlines. He said its pure selfishness having no or just one child. Also adding childless couples should consider adopting. He criticised the easier option of pet adoption. This as Europe tracks a birth rate slowdown. To use his words facing a “demographic winter”. My parents’ generation only needed one working parent. Now to keep a roof over their head you need two. One to pay the mortgage. One to pay the rent. Raising children is expensive but in itself not impossible. Losing one partners income is what makes it impossible. At least if you want the kids to have a quality life. With Robotics replacing many jobs. The future may not be easy. In many countries children do not have access to 3 square meals, shelter love or education. I am guessing these children were foremost in his mind. The Roman Catholic church does not allow married priests. What a mistake. With other faiths it leads to a deep appreciation of family life. Joys and tribulations. If females apply to be priests “Non desole”. People look at their watches and hurriedly rush off. If this was a PLC the courts would be handing out million pound settlements based on gender discrimination. Demographics is down. So is Church attendance and the number of priests and nuns. Addressing the above would help. On top of a steep hill is a lonely tiny ancient church. Let me get the cycle clips and my bicycle. It is Sunday. ps I was going to post under Religion than realised that forum is reserved for more critical examination. I think The lounge allows any topic.
  6. The US position seems to be clear. There will be no more costly interventions. At least in regards to Ukraine. They will gift arms and money to Ukraine should they need it. President Putin is part of the old guard. He was not naturally happy with the break up of the USSR. This was precipitated more by economics than politics. The other threat he senses is NATO. One side hopes to dismantle .This mainly by hope. Although it may be aided by a little crook. That's the East. The West wants to expand. The USA is a little more than mildly irritated by the bills eagerly passed on by Europe. However they will still aid country's like Ukraine. Even if not to bring them into the NATO fold. NATO and Russia are finely balanced as regards Nuclear weapons. Russia is highly delighted UK is out of the EU. Caviare and champagne. Next on the list chisel away at NATO. The countries that breakaway will ramp up their nuclear arsenals. After all they cannot rely on family membership of NATO. Better to do their own thing. One possibility is a slight upsurge of weapons on the Western side. Russia will naturally not want to be left out. They will have to ramp up. Russia is safer with NATO. Committee's carefully consider and deliberate. Individual country's may be more trigger happy on the nuclear button. Does Russia really want that? Both sides have better things to spend their money on. They could spend it on joint Space and science research.
  7. The lines are already drawn. We are a species that survives due to genetic diversity. Different responses at different times to threats ensure our survival or demise. A lot of our responses are already hard wired into our genes. The rest is conditioning. The serious science is heavy going. Some scientists concentrate 100% on science. A few take a 2 minute break and enjoy some light humour. The latter especially if they take climate change as fact and cycling as part of the solution. Your sleeping. An incessant tap on your shoulder draws you from your slumber. Dickens ghost of Xmas to come takes you firmly by the hand. All the way to 2050.Note he doubles as scientist and cyclist. You scan the selection of blueprints. It’s on a quantum computer. In the basement a 3D printer starts to churn. Its rolling out a Xmas present. A bicycle of your design. Together with puncture proof tyres and 6 kg frame. Outside the roads are made of super tarmac. Like Lino with minimal rolling resistance. So much faster. The advances in 2050 sports medicine are amazing. The Mars annual mountain bike Annual Tour 2050 championship is on. Forget Sports Tourism. The Mars surface was designed for one thing. Humans to race bikes. Freezing temperatures, No oxygen.All that methane?. Science is so beautiful. Your helmet is designed to be symbiotic. It incorporates methane gobbling bacteria that love a methane diet. They spew out carbon dioxide and water.Plants use this to produce oxygen .We have created huge hoards of these helpful bugs underneath the Martian surface. Energy and respiration and cleaning the sprockets on the bikes powering hotels. Bacteria step up the wattage to make Mars habitable. Newton discovered Gravity. In 2050 we finally understood Gravitons. Just as the transition from Wilbur and Wright to the 747 took 100 years. So to for spaceflight. A drone gently drops your cycling jersey down the house chute. It regulates temperature even when wet. You pay by just one worldwide Cryptocurrency. This is finally safe. It’s all totally Government controlled. Negative interest rates mean banks pay you to borrow. However, the most precious commodity is now available with the ubiquitous robots and homeworking. Time you have time to cycle. More importantly you now have time to read those science research papers.
  8. The gene an intimate History and The Emperor of all maladies both by Siddhartha Mukerjee This guy can really write!
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