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  1. Hello Riba , I have tried to do this on my own too . The good thing is i discovered a lot of new good books . Whenever i have questions in my head i look at these books . Once upon a time i was only familiar with my school and college textbooks and internet at my place was very slow . But now i can recommend these books to you . Homework Helpers Basic Maths and Pre Algebra Intermediate Algebra - Terrance Berg Precalculus 7th Edition by David Cohen/Theodore B. Lee/David ( For trigonometry ) Calculus and its applications. — 10th ed./Marvin L. Bittinger,. David J. Ellenbogen, Scott A. Surgent I also think most of the mathematics we generally learn looks like this . Correct me if i am wrong
  2. Thanks for the reply swansont , I watch lots of physics related documentaries in youtube but my knowledge is very limited in these subjects . 😅
  3. I was playing with my hand sanitizer , suddenly i have ton of questions too about gravity Doesn't the space should have something in it for the massive bodies to curve ?
  4. I have never even seen this fish in the discovery channel 🤭
  5. From a newbie point of view . Mathematics is simply the arrangement of numbers and unknowns i can start to learn a lot of beginner mathematics if i keep that point in my mind 😅
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