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  1. Good job! I was hoping you would grow a pair and stop personal attacks. But you yet had to levy more attacks before could make a decision. Good job and you made it through, anyway. I will post and delineate each and every one of your hubristic remarks that are against the rules here beginning with the next one and inclusive from the beginning... if you do not pull yourself into order and act with respect. I may start a thread on moderator psychology. Or I may get banned. Make your next move.
  2. I can appreciate your suggestions, but I vary about the suggestion that physical dementia indicates mind-generator of brain is withering in the cranium. It's an option. Dementia can also clog the transceiver antenna, the nanotube transceivers of mind, should mind be generated somewhere else. The signal coming from outside brain yet needs processing by a brain, with or without dementia. But brain yet has a tremendous processing role of perceptive reality of mind, whether the out-of-brain function may only be the still small voice within. (pardon the religious quip). We don't know what component of mind is ported to brain from somewhere else if Orch OR is operating to port mind. Memory and recall is very much a product of neuron structures. Those neural structures are grown by mind in mammals after birth, born blind. So say only our sentient passion and intent is the component of mind ported from outside. Consider both camps are happy... the eternal portion of mind is ported through neural bio-quantum resonance, and the ontology of experience is accessible as adornments and add-ons to ported-mind. Fancifully, a spirit experiencing Earth reality. It doesn't have to be and it certainly is not an all or nothing inside or out call. What portion of us might be a signal in the quantum foam, were Orch OR to explain it's coupling to perceptive envelope of mind? You have an amazing ability to project things on people you don't like. People that need to control things project their anxiety when that fails as hurtful remarks only justified in your frustration. I am anathema to your style of moderation and call you as incompetent. Make the call.
  3. Well I'm sorry man. Have you thought of adjusting your approach? Try communicating nicely to avoid poking the wild sub-genius where it hurts the most. You and many moderators maybe have been challenged by my loose cannon on deck approach. So I can't delete these messages, huh? Oh boy. I'm not good for this place. Because of the hubristic remarks, I unloaded on this place... damn closed minds anyway. You're the first touch of human here. So I'm better now. Moderating here has got to be a tough job! Chin up. Let's have a beer.
  4. I died in diapers, and don't want to learn to think like normal humans. Thank you. Remember... vote up/down, don't teach hubristic patterns to students by snipping personalities. Is that a spot on your tux?
  5. Nope, I'd rather delete old posts to keep it simpler... too busy... not wanting to miff your fine-control of academia. Are you a frustrated professor?
  6. Such is the mind of imprudence in an inner panic that retorts to a slight against another. Thank you for sharing your opinion of me in public. You made my case in point.
  7. Don86326

    Orch Or

    I wish I could quote on my memory of the article of the Pope's qualification of how calculus and Newton's fame in the King's court was touched by the Pope to exclude biological sciences. I will keep looking, but the information was found long ago... but hard to forget. Another hard-to-forget article was one supporting the Catholic Church's commission by the Pope to the scientist-priest that penned the big bang theory. I looked long for the latter, and yet don't know if the information has been scrubbed from the web due to rising malcontent against superstitious 'science,' or is just buried under billions of search-engine hits. Both were a shocking moment to read, and more shocking to see how sycophantic the scientific community has been to remain socially prudent and funded. At least I can read about the great attractor and inside my head I don't have a wrestling match with common sense that says I should remain allegiant for no scientific reason to the big-bang theory, which is one silly piece of 'science' that is only accepted by scientists not because the scientists are religious (which isn't requiring converts to be even one bit spiritual) but because the scientists must needs have a clean resume in the opinion of all the other people that expect everyone should all always agree there is a superstition that makes scientific evidence. That is a notch below Feynman's identification of a cargo-cult cult science in my surmise of scientific excellence. Scientists are driven by prudence to remain funded. Prudence is driven by social limits. Religion yet sets these limits... some spoken... and many, many burned into the human culture. The odor of burnt flesh wafted across countless villages visited by the Grand Inquisitor, and such demonic practice under sanction of a pope living in his own definition of hell as the grand demon of hate and torture. Humans are superstitious and maintain such fear-based reckoning to ignore common sense over social acceptance. Humans believe our social limits are there by some present dynamic in the now. That does not exist. The dynamic was tortured into the destiny of mankind's self-delusions in the first millennia, and there hasn't been a general population inversion of spoken wisdom since. Rather, we see the religious world acting out in ways so totally non-scientific. And scientists suck up to the enduring dysfunction of human kind. We are infected with the folly of our genetics attempting to be civilized by drawing limits and expressing animal hate in prudent ways. We all host internal fears. Those of us that may believe there is a higher intelligent sentience at work, other than state-sanctioned-religion, have no issue rejecting superstition. But the professional scientist may be hide-bound and incapable of such socially unacceptable and imprudent attitudes of an ancient concept of cruel divinity loving only those who accept divine cruelty against others, but not themselves. Superstition is pathetic, gentle people, yet humans wear the cloak of conformity to a pathetic culture that wonders why aliens don't contact us. An academic institution could not legally stop a union-of-open-minds standing full-stop under legal credence of a union recognized by Federal law (in some countries like the U.S.) I'm not a trained scientist with practice at proper prudent prose. So the above from the heart sounds naturally imprudent not because it hits on points ill-conceived, but because it hits on points that leave us unfulfilled on a life mission that cannot be fulfilled in Earth humanity at the present juncture of individuals searching for a group mind in a runaway society of animalisms and superstitions infecting the uppermost levels of science. Please forgive my crude delivery, but I'm not saying this to be liked, but to embarrass the inner human mind of any reader that oppresses the curiosity of a hungry mind in favor of ill-prudence to support a sick society that has a fear of our own inner light that state religion has tried to extinguish since the moment is was endorsed by a king or emperor. Sadly yours, President of the Sick Puppy Club of Catcliffe (our retirement home), high over a horseshoe bend of Indian Creek Survivor of the 1st Natural Philosophy Alliance --which accepted anyone who claimed to have scientific interest, and after several years had been populated by old scientists that were each bent on proving the Bible is the root of science. Such pathetic levels for such trained humans to fall. Society is the strongest drug known to man.
  8. (From an older thread) Bothers me too. But nearly everything I've learned I got from my cats. Sentience seems to be the thing we communicate. The words are embellishments, added to the mind's delivery of an expression. The sentient expression is seen beginning in EEG signals before someone speaks. Our inner sentience ('feelings' awareness at rest, without simian chatter) moves with intent behind the curtains in conversation. Words break the surface of awareness... and words expressing self are always adorned with the sentience of intent of the speaker. I wonder what sense of my sentience is conveyed in this paragraph? Please share! There is a former IBM EE as biosensor designer that plunged into esoterics of mind/soul/spirit/whatever. (Dan Winter) He markets (yet?) a dual EEG headband. An innovation featured is the calibration of the brainwaves into power spectra, and presented as a reading on a bar graph. Two bar graphs side by side would display the power-usage of two brains wearing EEG headbands, connected to this gizmo. This dual brain-wave display would show in real time the frequency peaks on a logrithmic power curve on the display of golden ratio degrees, and other times the people-brain's peak's would have a linear separation in these power spectra of one's head. Sensorized telepathy? (next) So fascinating was that warm fuzzy moments, like when an attentive audience views an adorable fuzzy kitten brought into the room, and as a whole the room begins to make simian cooing sounds, casting lovely thoughts. Warm fuzzy moments separated the peaks of brain wave power spectra into degrees of the golden ratio (Phi^1, Phi^2, Phi^3...) Two people familiar with each other, showing dual-brainwave activity, would show a synchronization of mind-wave peaks into a mind-lock of synchronous golden-ratio peaks that interplay between the two people. A psychic's brainwaves separated into octaves, while she was in trance, with her EEG headband in place. My compulsive need for higher dopamine levels has uncovered other interesting perspectives on sentience. Oh hell, I'll fess up. It's my favorite topic. The best carrot to chase for dopamine addicts is the really hard problem of serious scientific inspiration that equates the apparent connection between UFO/UAP levitation/inertial impossibilities and telepathy. (Newbie here! likely walking on prior threads and you all have already figured it out.) I do not think humans will solve the problem for a few reasons. Individuals may punch through, but the very nature of the problem is a lack of group mind and animalisms that auto-navigate on these topics that require our auto-animals to become domesticated, and rooted on a sentience more/totally harmonic with a universal sentience. Now we're sounding fringy! So, 1) pull Roger Penrose's logic that mind is not generated by brain, but brain is a transceiver of mind somewhere else, and 2) admit that time may be engineered as a gradient projection into a matter lattice with magnetic pulse resonance against the periodicity of the atomic mass-center resulting form quantum-transitions --but in secret (where no academic staff will ever overhear), and 3) consider the alien tutelage found several years ago weathering over in the Uni. of Ottawa in the Arthur Bray Fond. It's fascinating if one seriously considers time as entropy, and UAP tech as retardation of the quantum transition duration. The late Smith's wife published his unfinished 'New Science.' And I don't read it with understanding (yet). Except for the theory sections and his lecture notes on the "tempic fabric." And resonance against it. Magnetically. By tuning a reversing-magnetic-propagation at radio frequencies through a hollow ferrite tube. Keyword: propagation tuning. Modern science doesn't know what to tune for and won't want the results. At a certain velocity of magnetic flux-density variation, the Coulomb field couples and behaves like electric Jello. That is by a modern who reads like Wilbert B. Smith reincarnated. Engineer Frank Znidarsic... again of no ethos in the mainstream... and I can personally guarantee the mainstream's course with flat-time won't duplicate whatever it was that Smith was taught by the off-world aliens that contacted him; Canada's top official for radio in the 1950-s. That guarantee comes from a newbie woodworker in retirement. It's all been enough to make me want to become a real physicist. (Or should I consider lock-smithing?) I have a hunch that the writing has been on the walls all around us for a long, long time. But we won't be able to look back and admit it until we get to the other side of the fundamental shift in physics to alien tech at a K-12 level. What's already on the internet about Smith is not just ignored, but painful to the trained ears of physicists. I do not expect my taxes will help build 'Starship Znidarsic.' (Or have they already? I've read a fascinating leak about our space force from the 1990-s.) And breakthrough science won't happen per the old adage that paradigm shifts don't root until the old guard die off. We hoomans just don't like social-change... and this change coming, were we to become the 'warp society,' has a very high degree of weird. Unlike any sci-fi. Well... I'm just sharing what's unlearnable to me based on investigations and other. Greets from the hoi polloi! But I do see the tech breaking out in a private society here and there. Hey! I'll barter to do tech work in a new breakaway society! That's is also what I feel most genuine UFO encounters are; Earthers of a breakaway society.
  9. MoonTanMan! It is easier to notice insights staring me in the face since I don't have a quarter-million-Dollar investment in a Ph.D. I read Wilbert Brockhouse Smith years ago, and dismissed the mention of resonance against the fabric of time. Then I read and swooned for several years over the insights of Frank Znidarsic, EE (studied with NASA on Podkletnov duplications). Then I read that were time bent/perturbed (as a mathematical variable) in the rate time 'flows' that gravity pops out of the equation of inertia (hope that's right, lazy old boy here, love you). Human's don't bend time. Most don't. Smith built a coil that he claims did resonate with the fabric of time. The CIA visited Smith. That's why there is no development today based on retardation of entropy at the quantum level to alter geodesic least-time paths. Smith was Canada's UFO hunter in the 1950-s, sanctioned to hunt and on payroll by the Canadian DOT branch of radio science. Smith detected a UFO, and that shut down the open project. He found it on my the day I was born, actually. So there people! I wish I were people, but once learned, unlearning is more difficult. Make me people. Where was Smith wrong? And of course I've studied this for decades. And some of the synchronicities involved brought me to sobbing hot wet mess of uncontrolled soul-mind readjustment. So, being told a text-book taught one that quantum noise is pure noise and there's no signal within just doesn't have all the experience I can't discuss in prudent trained humans. I love your handle, MoonTanMan!
  10. Don86326

    Orch Or

    From a 2018 thread... Orch OR may or may not unfold in science because there won't be any mathematics that frames sentience of mind. Just me. But me has had some wild and exciting cerebral adventures I won't tell you about. I noticed scientist attack Orch OR because it reflects upon eternal soul alive outside neurology that animates neurology. Tegmark is an example. His ridicule of Orch OR isn't about the science, it's about the fear physicists have of 'soul.' They don't want to have soul. But they each do have one. Odd study this is. Tegmark's ridicule of Orch OR hails a thread of intellectual persecution that grew from the authority of the Pope of Newton's day. The Pope said calculus is cool, but should never ever be used to study the human soul or any living thing. That really messed up physics and the hard problem with UFOs influencing consciousness. Among other things in the way of progress to the stars in spite of animal beliefs in science. Science has forgotten that, but the epigenetic proclivity lives on! Tegmark defends the authority of the Pope of Newton's day. Now, why is believing in a mind outside of brain any more foolish that believing in a mind inside a brain?
  11. Hello! 1st post... really nervous, because I am "et up" with academic elitism and don't want hero's worshipped remotely bursting my adoration with harsh retort to my naivete. Consider I'm six years old. (Actually 67, retired from software development, but work with me.) I found an anomaly in general summation, Fibonacci style -> F(n) = F(n-1) + F(n- 2) Algebra and computer science was fun, and the fun went to amazement when two seed numbers for general Fibonacci summation produced adjacent sequence numbers with a divisor that is not (it is not) an approximation of the golden ratio. The quotient of adjacent sequence numbers is -1/Phi = -0.61803... [Big, bold, oversized exclamation point goes here. A red one.] Moreover, the sequence does not exponentially increase, but rather oscillates toward zero. Did I stumble into something everyone knows about in algebra? Try this summation beginning with two seeds of... (Phi = 5^0.5 * 0.5 + 0.5 = golden ratio, computer code style) Seed #1 = -Phi^(N) = (A negative number) Seed #2 - +Phi^(N-1) = (A positive number) I assume the seed numbers create a Fibonacci identity that propagates the effect. Perhaps every addition flips the identity in sign, but as another Fibonacci degree preserving the identity. An identity conveyor. Notice that on any machine this is done (spreadsheet or supercomputer) that as the sign-oscillation of the resulting sequence approaches zero, one of the values will reach the machine-zero (limit of floating point digits) before the other value, and this begins a new normal exponentially increasing summation sequence of 0 and some small number. This will appear on the sequence graph as a impulse with two peaks. The impulse is actually a positive and negative pair of asymptotes to infinity, but a graph will often map +/- infinity as a double blip.
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