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  1. You are a slave to these sick people who pushed their sick fantasies to the extreme and then become self righteous and then made a career out of it. Science. You are a slave and you don't even know it but now that quantum computers will come they'll have full control of your life and then basically play god with it and then flick the off switch. We are all enslaved by the machine world - and have the illusion of freedom.
  2. It's true. Women and kids are given a free ride and they are put ahead of men because both mothers and kids are fed a fantasy by the establishment that their daughters can be someone great. Even the court justice system is bias towards women than men... Sickness is profitable...Why do you think that love is a crime? You are a slave to religion because religion gets a free ride in everything. They also don't want you to breed so these rich people can stay rich while you stay as poor as possible which is why diseases are released in the wild but somehow treatment is readily available. You are a slave to the middle east people who get a free ride...they got to have cake and eat it too.
  3. You are a slave to noble cause corruption. Religion and science both taken to extreme basically creates a paradox. You are a slave and you don't even know it. You are either slave to money or god pick one eventually if you take things too far they'll send your sibblings after you, or your parents or the people around you in order to control you - so it generates a story and then the establishment can run a story on you on how deeply flawed you are and how perfect they are. The only freedom you have is the internet and even then that's is being controlled - As I said, you are slaves to either friendly fascism or chinese socialism...pick one...and if you take both of them too far there will be a balance that will come inorder to balance the equation... or they'll steal it from you and feed it to the next generation. Women and kids run the world...Men are given the illusion of freedom. That's why I wish I was never born. This whole world is so corrupt that I am too pure for it.
  4. No it shouldn't be free...There is always a price to pay for free what needs change is the structure of how education is taught and provide more incentives to students so it makes university more enjoyable. Maybe even change the people who teach it. No we are not free to learn. Everything is rigidly planned a schedule that you can't stick to and we end up getting law of diminishing return.
  5. It is going too fast because somehow you are suppose to download this information into this brain we have. I am a living breathing human being and I am not a cyborg...A cyborg basically downloads information from reading a book whereas humans read and understand and interpret based on the environment.
  6. I don't have control over the speed at which the content that it's taught. It goes way too fast for me because it's skipping steps. The tests/exams and assignments are standardized to what others have set and it's some arbitary figure that is suppose to determine your future. They also use probability functions to standardize the score so that the school looks great and it doesn't give a true reflection of what the person really wants. I paid my hard earned money after it and It's being taught like a religion - do you not see how broken this system is? That's the fundamental problem with all Universities. Science is about questioning and finding better ways to solve problems. Universities cater to herd mentality because most people come out of university and don't even give a crap about what they have been taught. It waters down the degree and cheapens it and lower the IQ of our species and then you get a group of dumb idiots teaching others and this insanity continues. It cheapens the quality of the content that is being taught and dumbs down our species. Unlike most people I like to understand what I am reading. I want real socialism but this capitalistic society caters to more towards catholics where everything has to be cookie cuttered and all the imperfections removed. I am not White btw and no wonder why I failed Universities because all universities go like religion because it's binge eating and in your face. How are you suppose to understand any of it? And when socialism does come it will be given access to everyone so that everyone becomes enslaved by the system. That's what the establishment want. No wonder why the internet fails...
  7. Science is about reading what you read and questioning it and attempting to disprove it as well as understanding what it means. If you believe without questioning it, and that the world works in absolutes because a book told you so, that's no different than religion. If everything is scripted than it's designed so that all the imperfections are removed and that means that it's skipping steps and that everything looks and feels all the same...
  8. Regardless but the fact is that all good ideas are either copied or stolen or destroyed once they have reached climax because absolute power corrupts absolutely. Take for example universities, they run like religious institutions and have got a lot of red tape behind it and it's governed and controlled by them too and these are the same people that got to have cake and eat it too and are the ones going to be sending us to space. I wouldn't trust them with a grain of salt with the things they have done here. The internet was suppose to be a tool for sharing ideas and was suppose to create a consciousness being that was suppose to help humanity and make studying for all but it got polluted because the people in power got greedy and we really want to trust these people to go to space? I don't think so...
  9. Anything is possible with technology. If it's free than you are the product.
  10. I like to see how afghanistan really is not what the big media company say they are. They tend to negatively stereotype middle eastern people. With the invention of deep fake technology which has been around for a long time, the truth doesn't matter. If it sells a story inorder to keep this system alive it will go.
  11. The problem with the courses is that they are like binge eating. It has also been cookie cuttered by someone else. Most people these days that get a degree don't clearly understand what it is they are reading. It's no different than preaching a religious text book. You have a man/women or binary person in front of a lecture theater and just regurgitates what is already scripted.
  12. It doesn't matter if I am young or not - the game of life is rigged. You are a slave to the machine world and they won...and they are going to make sure that you bow down to their rules and not the rules that you make. When religion steals from science, that's when you get scientology and Christian science and the roman catholics who are really really good at stealing things including invading countries and stealing people's hearts - Whether you are into violence or not I don't like control because it's designed to rob you of your freedom to explore and stretch. I didn't invent money nor did I accept it as a form of currency. My only problem with money is that there comes to a point where at what point do you say that this is enough? I would say that you don't need more than 1000 dollars tops to survive but the government and corporations are slaves to religion and most people are oblivious to this fact that we are not working for ourselves but for others.
  13. Sorry if this may seem like advertisement but it's not. I want to start my own education courses, but I lack resources and obviously one of them is knowledge and the other is how do I get around paying people to actually do a job they enjoy doing and they get rewarded for i? My courses will be a little different than most of the other universities. I rather not give away what will make mine different than others, but how do I get around this problem? Obviously the other problems I'll face is official recognition and getting around red tape since that all tertiary providers are run by religious institutions
  14. Then explain why the planets are currently moving slightly more and more farther apart from the sun?
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