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  1. Wrong. Society has grown on the basis of community. It is what makes us strong. The problem is that now, we tolerate the greedy way more than we did 10k years ago. We need to reverse that of they will bring us down.
  2. Could it be that there exists pure, formless, energy ? Could that be the final frontier, THE most basic stuff that makes up everything ? I suggest, and it is pure conjecture, that this pure energy forms bubbles, inside of which is a dimensionless void in spacetime (and all the other dimensions). These bubbles, I call them Femptons, have a slight tendency to cluster (quantum gravity?). These clusters form and disperse in countless numbers throughout the cosmos. If they reach a certain size or shape, they exhibit the property that we associate with matter (mass, momentum, gravitational attraction etc). Due to the weakness of the attraction between Femptons, the clusters blink in and out of Newtonian space, flitting from Dark Energy to Dark Matter and back. Dark Matter being matter that is in such small bits and so dispersed that we cannot detect it, only it's effect. As these clusters get bigger, they become more enduring and eventually form the particles that we are currently studying. On the massive scale, Singularities are matter that is compressed by it's own mass, until, at the centre, the Fempton clusters fuse and eventually the bubbles burst to allow more of them to be squeesed into the void. Occasionally, even when floating free, the Femptons burst leaving a tiny amount of pure energy and a void to roam free to gobble up anything that it meets. The splash of energy also drifts until it meets something to fuse with, eventually, all the energy becoming one dimensionless blob which eventually, in turn (critical 'mass'), spontaneously fizzes and explodes into a new Big Bang.
  3. We are the only animal that hoards to many million times what is needed for survival. Greed is what brought us to where we are, and greed will destroy society unless it is severely curbed.
  4. I don't believe there is any significant Left or Right bias to anti-science. Blaming the Left which, (by world standards) doesn't exist in the USA, is something that the far Right does in relation to just about anything that they don't agree with.
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