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  1. The predator-like animals feel sadistic when they are being rewarded through dopamine by sadistically preying on others for money, power, food, water, or other resources for survival in theory. An animal could be sadistic as a coping mechanism to prevent themselves from feeling bad hypothetically. From what I know, animals are given their abilities due to an incentive for survival and power to have positive feelings theoretically because what's the point in having your abilities when you can't use them to survive or feel good?
  2. I know there's a difference between a traitor and whistleblower. There are whistleblowers that have helped the people become deprogrammed from their brainwashing indoctrination to keep them from being easily controlled puppets for government authorities who only care about money and power. The rise of mass surveillance, censorship, heavy government regulations, people being replaced by machines in the businesses, indoctrination institutions disguised as public schools, social credit systems, gun control laws, and other things are threatening creative freedom, artistic freedom, intellectual freedom, artisans who are trying to find jobs with good wages and good employee benefits that will let them be creative with their hands in the midst of people being replaced by machines in the businesses, job opportunities, and so forth. If being a traitor means helping people not become easily brainwashed puppets for authorities, then there are whistleblowers who have been traitors. Who knows if there are whistleblowers that were willing to get hit by a bus to protect people from tyrannical governments?
  3. I was preoccupied with things that kept me from answering your question. This isn't related to whistleblowing. This was a response to iNow's question.
  4. I don't think there is an efficient process to address and eliminate concerns/issues when there are rigged systems that treat people differently based on how much money, power, and popularity they have. Orphans who weren't born in countries that their foster parents take them to migrate to will have a harder time gaining political power when there are countries that only allow people who were born into those countries to become politicians in specific occupations. There is also a discrimination against people whose religions, mannerisms, political views, and such do not match the political narrative that the countries have at times. For example, French politicians have mostly different mannerisms, political views, opinions on religion, and other things than Saudi Arabian politicians do. This is why there are political systems that are rigged to favour people with particular political opinions, religious opinions, manners, and other things depending on where those political systems are. So, sometimes trying to address concerns can be challenging to do. What do you think?
  5. Yeah, I've been thinking about what I could say to answer your question.
  6. Sadism might be caused by carnivorous and omnivorous predators due to predator behaviour. There could be an incentive to become sadistic when being a predator for survival.
  7. Binary thinking is what I learned today because of you. I found binary thinking to be intriguing. Otherwise, I am adamant on defending whistleblowers who care about preventing the masses from being vulnerable to tyranny. History has proven people are capable of war, brainwashing, oppressive classism, abusive sexism, toxic racism, short-sighted actions that backfire, bribery, greed, anti-intellectual censorship, and other issues. All of that with cynicism makes me have an inclination to trust honest people who say truths rather than keep information from the public.
  8. Whistleblowers are who I side with. Because I prefer knowledge and protecting myself from puppet masters who use secrets to control the masses.
  9. Now, I'm trying to imagine you dating. XD Thanks for letting me know about The Lounge and that Status Update feature, though. Thanks for showing me The Official "Introduce Yourself" thread with a thumbnail of Marlon Wayans from White Chicks. XD
  10. I would like to write an introduction of myself on an entirely separate forum here called Introductions. It can even be a subforum in The Lounge forum.
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