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  1. Have anyone of you ever considered that the holes in the Ozone was first started when Man sent the first Rocket from the earth out of our atmosphere. This is my Hypothesis. We burst our Magnetospheric bubble per say and allowed the degradation of the Ozone to begin at that very moment Imagine a blowtorch when it burns through steel it's a blowout. The Earths atmosphere is designed to envelop incoming asteroids when they enter in. But was not designed for an avulsion when the rockets leave the atmosphere. It's against Natural Processes. Just a Hypothesis please consider it with an open mind.
  2. We all have that information readily available. I am asking the scientist in everyone of us to answer the possibility of What if the Earth needed our help in Global Warming. No one has ever asked these types of questions.
  3. Perhaps the Earth needs an Atmosphere warming event cycle. Prior to Man Made Global Warming perhaps the Earths Natural Processes achieved the Cooling and Warming Cycles on its own. Perhaps a reduction in Volcanic Activity presently. Has created a Man Made need to help the Earth in its next warming and cooling cycle. These are all questions every young scientist must ask themselves. Throw out all previous explanations and truly work out these possiblities.
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