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  1. You'll meet with the right woman soon. Love the fact you're rated genius.  Check out my not for profit clothing company. Genius clothing for clever people. Not for thick fu**ers. Starting spring summer 2021. Google. Geniuscfcp. I'm getting some sample hoodie soon. 

    1. MigL


      Alas, the time for women has passed.
      I am perfectly happy being a 60 year old, set in his ways.
      The rating system is arbitrary, and forum software dependent.
      I assure you, I'm no genius.

  2. when I was born I knew nothing. More than half a century later. I must confess that I now........ know even less. 

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    2. joigus



      "Knowledge makes you hiss"

      Joi Gus

    3. MigL


      By the way ...
      Clothing, Fashion, and Theoretical Physics ?
      Very off beat choice of interests.
      Although I, myself, subscibed to GQ magazne in the 80s.
      ( if you can't impress the ladies with the Physics, you have to rely on your fashion sense )

    4. Geniuscfcp


      Thanks I appreciate the comments. Eddie. 

  3. Dimensions of black holes. As the black holes collect matter. And then other black holes. Billion and Billion of years from now. Because the gravity increases with more matter therfore becoming denser instead of becoming larger they shrink due to the force of gravity acting on itself. So the beginning of the universe makes complete sense and the black hole that began the universe was so dense it wasn't much larger than a proton. This is of course just theoretical but to me it's seems the most likely. If there's anyone around in a few Billion years from now. Then let me know if my theory was
  4. Looking at the universe through hubble. To me is like watching a flower. We try to imagine the next phase. Unfortunately as we see further distances we have the problem of the images as they are minus the time the light has taken to arrive. Observing a galaxy 4 billion light years away we are seeing the galaxy as it were 4 billion years ago. My thoughts on black holes are that yes they will eventually join together with other black holes. And continue increasing their mass. Eventually all or I'd imagine most of the universe will be nothing more than black holes. I see them pulling on one and o
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