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  1. for a while I've posted here and there info about fracking methane math, but no one responded to confirm it or debunk it as prime trigger on the global warming ... So I would appreciate any comment about the notion How Soon Is Now around the tipping point in this respect ... https://defendingthetruth.com/threads/stop-fracking-is-biden-aware.127418/ not that usA and the science community are not aware of this problem, but any scientific alarm is cleverly silenced, almost as sedated patient that dont need to stir the masses, at least on the amount of vented fracking risks all the usA response looks like that to me i.e. still we dont have all the data, we will see, satellites till now didnt covered this issue blah etc. alike excuses, but actually they dont care, now they are too big too fail as independent from the foreign fossil oil, for them fracking is dream come true as economic and energetic resilience, but for the world is ticking time bomb for free from glaciers world!
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