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  1. Thanks for all the help studiot Yes , the syllabus is from a lot of subjects . It was very difficult finding the proper books to learn all these
  2. @studiot , Thanks for the Wolfram Alpha screenshot . The openstax book , intermediate algebra is a good book to learn algebra and all the factoring techniques . I can manage to learn some algebra too from that book , But the examination syllabus is a bit weird because it has questions from these which i am not that familiar with , Percentages Average Ratio and Proportion Profit and Loss Simple Interest Compound Interest Partnership Mixtures (or) Alligations Problems on Ages Time and Work Pipes and Ci
  3. @studiot , I was trying to prepare for a state government test and its full of quantitative aptitude questions , otherwise i would not have given this much importance to all these basic mathematics problems . Also thanks for explaining the steps involved in factorization of numbers . Thanks a lot
  4. Thanks a lot for the reply studiot , I have one question regarding finding the prime factorization of numbers Which method do we use mostly to find the prime factorization of numbers ? by Listing factors by factor tree by short division ? I am planning to practice from example questions from tomorrow on wards . Thanks
  5. Narrowed it down this much , there was no one book with all of these little basics in it I collected notes from many books and wrote it down like this , i am a little happy now
  6. @ahmet , Yes , i am only doing mathematics daily for half an hour or 1 hour . The mathematics i am trying to practice is spread out in many webpages of the mah-only-math website . so it takes some time to organize things in my mind to practice . Only trying to make small small steps forward . openstax intermediate algebra is a good algebra book , i will let you know when i begin going through that book . first i have to be get very familiar with the basic mathematics before i begin that . @studiot Thanks , Yes i will ask if i have more questions .
  7. @tylers100 Yes , i know there are more people struggling with basic mathematics and algebra i think it is because the materials are spread out in different class text books and you can easily get fed up when you cannot find everything in one place . i tried to read a lot of basic mathematics books online , there was 2 problems . 1, there is not enough content in it 2,some books are cluttered with pictures instead of good proper content It can be very frustrating to learn from books like those . I think this website www.math-only-math.com is one of the best to le
  8. Thanks studiot , Finding the proper books to learn the basics was the hardest part . I like the math-only-math website . Everything is explained in simple English Now at least i know where to look and study these . Yes , i am only going to make small small steps forward Let me see where i can reach in 2 or 3 months if i study a little everyday I am going to start from here , today itself https://www.math-only-math.com/5th-grade-math-problems.html i have a 4 year old daughter ,so i can only find time to study after she goes to sleep . Th
  9. Good Basic mathematics or Pre-algebra books were hard to find Then i found some good materials here , Pre-Algebra https://www.math-only-math.com/ Algebra https://nios.ac.in/online-course-material/secondary-courses/Mathematics-(211)-Syllabus.aspx I am planning to spent at least 1 hour daily to learn Basic mathematics and Algebra I am trying to prepare for a test , that is why i wanted to learn all these from the beginning Now i need to find me some energy and motivation to sit and practice these books daily for at least 1 hour I am planning to study
  10. This is a good link to learn quantitative aptitude questions . https://en.calameo.com/read/0049612414feacdae89c8
  11. So this is the type of questions in it Can anyone recommend some good books to study these ?
  12. Why would a person who is an atheist not believe in religion ? Maybe there is not enough proof of the work of god in any of the religions
  13. I was looking at some preparatory materials for a state government test Its syllabus are full of quantitative aptitude questions . I am not familiar with questions like those Am i supposed to know the shortcut methods of all these ?
  14. Hello studiot , Sorry for the late reply . I was going through some books looking for some good explanations and practice problems And i found a good book for free . https://resources.saylor.org/wwwresources/archived/site/textbooks/Elementary Algebra.pdf Chapter 1.2 in it is about 1.2 Adding and Subtracting Integers Addition of numbers with like signs , positive number + positive number = positive number negative number + negative number = negative number Addition of numbers with unlike signs , The sign of the result is the same as
  15. @studiot Thanks a lot for the reply . I am trying to learn basic mathematics with the help of some books i have I have a pdf copy of this book called , The Humongous Book of Algebra Problems . i have been going through it for the last few days If i have more questions i will come back here and ask
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