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  1. Sir I Haven't Thought So deep Yet because I Have just Imagined it Simply that What if a Time traveller Starts moving in any direction and After a certain number of steps it Travels back in time To its Original Position and then Changes it's Direction Towards another direction. And the idea goes on... Sir I think Time travel Paradox means we are taking about the Consequences Occuring after someone Doing certain Things Going Back in Time. So Why would I Really need to Prove Time travel to imagine The consequences after it. As we have done in other paradoxes. Eg- Grandfather Paradox, Bootstrap paradox, Predestination paradox etc. Here we don't need to Proof Time travel only we are Imagining what may happen after it. So I think I still don't have anything Bad in my paradox. Cause it's simple Logic.
  2. Sir then kick out grandfather paradox idea from everywhere as, in that you have taken if the person travels to his past then... it happens. So if you are telling time travel is impossible so why there is such a question assuming time travel to be real .?????
  3. Sir but in grand father paradox it is taken that after time travel to past we will get that conclusion so why I cannot use time travel to past as possible. We cannot deny the possibility of time travel to past... So if that will be possible then my theory might be correct.
  4. 1)Sir this is just an idea about a paradox and why this is not a speculation ,because I have taken time travel to past which may be impossible in practical but we have taken time travel to past as possible in grand father paradox so why not I can. And second is to influence your past may not be possible in reality but in grandfather paradox we have taken that the person kills his grandfather. It means he can influence his past. So I have taken those things in my paradox also. 2) Second thing is I had imagined this Paradox when I was 14 years old and now I am just 16 so I have not enough knowledge about modern and theoretical physics to use in it. I have just used the basic idea of grandfather paradox and got this conclusion . So till now I couldn't found any mistake in my theory.
  5. Imagine you are a time traveler and you can do time travel at any place .And imagine you are standing at a point and then start moving towards north and walk 3 steps from the origin point taking one second per point then travel to your 3 sec in your past. You will find your self standing at that origin point .And you will change the direction of yourself (the past one) 60° towards north west direction, and return back to your original present position. You will find another you in the same space time(your present point) in 60° west to you. As you and that image of your self is same from brain and mind he will also do the same thing and create another copy of himself so in this way there will be 5 another copy or image of yourself in the same time. Standing in one circle .But the Problem is now no one can say who was the first one to start this thing. As everyone has another copy before him in 60° degrees telling that I made you . And the second thing is where they came from????. I think It proves that there are parallel universes..... To be continued
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