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  1. I read that a good software engineer automates what they want not to do - and they want not to do most things. I stopped in to ask a question, and then I posted some more. I had an imagination you might respond different than I know of you: that you have little Science of Self, and a refusal to develop it. I love my body, and my Self, and I don't tolerate doldrum. But note my signature. We head toward and into one. The other determines our path(s) there. @Swansont: "Humans have an emotional capacity that facilitates a great range of behavior. You believe things as you need emotional investment in something for it to have relevance to you", allows and provides a formal, neutral rendering. Those words and that language allow Science. @studiot: re - General Stanley - look below..... @Everyone: 'pussy hurts' conjers in my mind having one, and it hurting. As in grade school I imagined having one and experiencing a 'period', while my mom described hers to me. As George Carlin said, 'they're just words', and they allow us to transcend ourselves.
  2. You assume I presented an argument, or/and entertained conversation.
  3. That suggests to me you had no idea in mind of whom would figure such a thing out. Female nature exists and acts to preserve the social, and hence Society.
  4. So those words meaning nothing to you? What gives incentive to people to treat each other well?
  5. You folks assume men will figure this out. Females might, but may withold it to maintain a certain status quo.
  6. @studiot : it seems to say, 'do not bother with quantum gravity'.
  7. Emotional survival underlying the human condition, perhaps the mammalian condition, says otherwise.
  8. Yes. No. Humans have an emotional capacity that facilitates a great range of behavior. You believe things as you need emotional investment in something for it to have relevance to you. ((Your answer, joigus.)) Yes, I anticipated you would think along such lines. You refer to some Popcul thing? **The negative rating by 'someone' I interpret as 'someone's pussy hurts'.
  9. I suggest you both re-read the title and think in the General.
  10. Usually I listen to the ambience in my room. I happen to have this playing.....
  11. https://www.cnn.com/2020/08/07/us/allan-lichtman-trump-biden-2020-trnd/index.html https://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/stock-market-correctly-predicted-next-president-biden-donald-trump-election-2020-6-1029351214?op=1
  12. @MigL: I have, as well as many related things over the years, and did and looked around the forum a bit before posting the question. Perhaps my circumstance comes out of the speaker's wording: "Since the electron has mass, according to General Relativity, it MUST curve space-time....but it is in mul-tiple lo-cations...at the same time. The question is, where is the curvature? Is it also in multiple locations at the same time?" @studiot : does the electron move, or does it pulse?
  13. In the spirit of Science, rather than freedom, think in terms of Range of Motion.
  14. Given the nature of Science and its practice, why do scientists believe things?
  15. Huhn. A couple days ago a video of his came up on my Youtube Home page, and I wondered about him and looked at his channel, finding nothing newer than '15. I had a feeling he would leave us soon.
  16. Hello. I have perhaps a high-level lay understanding of the Natural World, and a bit of an imagination. I watched a video explaining the conflict between General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. At 11:12, this idea came to mind: does superposition indicate or result from gravity at the quantum scale?
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