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  1. What I mean is when light bends in a medium such as a gas field ie fluid field in random motion with light beams or rays passing through it... Not even sure if my question is relavant, length contraction "angles" I assume they are, is confusing me.
  2. I think I totally agree with you.. No doubt about that... Or mathinatics is not noble, in a sense to being a language..
  3. Ok so now you have my attention... So, are these "scalers" "sharing" a constant?
  4. This is exactly what I needed to "be sure of" !!!!!!!! THNX... The average "between" the multilple points, was what I was "deducing" either by mistake or intuition, calculus is pretty remarkable I must say...Thanks again for the PDF... Its a great way to create models of all sorts that can be of some reliability..
  5. You obviously never taken a coarse on ciphers... 😎 I work every day and am physically fit if that's what you mean, I'm also a former model and music producer, in fact I know many celebrities and have contributed over $500.000 in free work labor, I'm a very respected artist as well "despite" the bogus reputation I've gained here...😎 Now, as far as proofs go, proof depends on a model, and there are many "i assure you" unfortunately at the sole discretion the creator, "I assume nature is included" and assume discoveries have something to do with it..."chuckles." Your correct on basic instructions due to how science refers to most if not all things as ""points"" then link these to "variables" to make things more complicated.... IE: Point particles Points "DOT" product A->B GM1*m2/ r^2 " From" center of masses" IE The Masse's "Points" Then we use math and the concept of "models??" A Theoretical Model is not 100% absolute, so there goes your proof...But they can work quite well and are "reliable." Now, The OP asks if x and dx are points on a "tangent line." Yes or No??
  6. Whatever a tangent line is, that's what I mean.. The points of (x + delta h) In regards of these 2 points are: "2 points" on the ""tangent line?"" Linear Or 2 points on the curve itself Not linear I'm not sure due to how calculus was created for something constantly changing at some point in time....
  7. Do points lie on tangents lines "only?" From: "The slope of the tangent" Or on the curve itself?? If it's not on the curve, then: Where did that curve come from?? I'm not getting the ideas behind the following. ( x + delta h) I'm very familiar with linear equations but this does not clarify tangent points and the "fancy" albegra doesn't explain the evolution of time either cuz it sets everything at 0... Are these Points Hyper Planes?? Light Cones?? Faster Than Light Speeds?? N Gons?? Oragami?? ----->Standing Waves Maybe???
  8. All your answers seems uniformly correct, I guess we draw a balance from good scientist and bad scientists.. I truly believe scientist should get paid for what they do, obviously they need to make a living somehow, they are human like everyone else.. I think I need to start looking at engineering as the technologically innovative side and science on the more "illuminating side" I think their is a fine line between the two in my opinion and observation. This much is true I must agree, there are also free seminars on Youtube from some very well respected College Universities..."However" I've yet to see this availability reflect the job market it educates in the real world, and see a more variety of culture working in the science fields..
  9. I hope so, I would hate to see the next exploration of the universe "plane ride" caters to the super rich, it's bad enough a typical telescope project is pretty pricey..
  10. I like this! Especially about not fooling ourselves, I like evidence of reality, that's if of coarse, im to act accordingly with the rest of society....My biggest hurdle is but undermining why "at least" in our modern era, technology does not serve the privilege of affordability to everyone. Which makes me think science may be better described as technological advances for business just as any other business.. Although I may be wrong, its better to ask than to asume.... I will later..😎
  11. Is it invention for profit and gain? Control? Political and Sociological Sceme? Has inventions from Science impacted our world in negative ways? Social isolation from the creation of the internet which has disconnect families, friends and is the leading culprit of adultery via online sex connections. Internet cell use and harmful polutants therof.. Global Warming, Famine, Climate Change?? Etc, Etc...Just to name a few.. Is Science a "Business?????" Or is Science just science.. I can't wait to hear the replies..
  12. Admittance is submissive behaviour I'm not syncronized with becuase there is no reason for it...I'm an honest person that uses intuition above all else...Trying to proove intuition comes from charector not "science." Science is a "business." A very expensive one might I add..
  13. https://www.lovemoney.com/galleries/94304/stolen-ideas-inventions-radio-lightbulb-monopoly
  14. The asterisk * implies multiplication: 3*x^2 I'm surprised you "did'nt" know.. I can respect your perspective, im glad "everyone" here has had a perfect life... I will continue to speculate the internet and exercise cautioun when dealing with online strangers..
  15. I'm not here to entertain common sense, besides there is no such thing as proof, there is only personal experience.. Is that 0* yours = you're ??? Yes No ??? And how can you be welcome is that a "name?"
  16. Your welcome, ""and I know this is not the same person responding..."" This user is not so straight forward..
  17. I agree, but not everyone can afford college, "there is also many discriminations" and even if they did they are still studying "ideas from others" and even when they graduate they need to again deal with politics to get a job... The issue is honesty.. If you have not "stumbled" upon all the scandals in the history of science since your endeavours in it, then good for you as I want to encourage your positive thinking in the "honesty" and "sincerity" of the subject...."Chukkles"
  18. It doesn't matter how hard one tries, the point is no nobody should try success at any level in a world based on rules that are being followed by "civilized" and educated people that get "robbed online, have their ideas taken, or deal with occultic systems for fame and gain. I've since learned money is an addiction and social media thrives on "ego."
  19. I've been trying for the past 15 years.... But I doubt it's just happening to me.
  20. The analogy I used was: "illusion of happiness" atleast where im from "everyone" thinks big but never wants to do the "work for themselves." They want to rob others and take the credit...I see a trend since social media.. My issue is fairness not jelousy as that's what this OP is all about, why else would this happen?...->Duh..😏
  21. I "totally" agree with you 100% this post has been of such enlightenment its actually made algebrea simpler for me. It looks like an intriguing field for creative thinkers and the like... Your correct about updated technology issues especially dealing with latency issues ie "musical midi keyboards" and "computer response" sounds for music programs.... Very informative stuff! Especially the Oct ober and Dec ember analogies..😎
  22. So 360 = 4 I'm still trying to figure out if our modern technology inherited the ideas of base systems and if they are "error prone" to human flaws.. The logarithms bring upon an issue dealing with calculus and that is "nature and machine languages." I mean to say integration.. Is that why x^2 looks like a parabola when you graph y=x^2 How in the world does anything x^2 get that shape???? From Wikipidia.. The natural logarithm of a number is its logarithm to the base of the mathematical constant e, where e is an irrational and transcendental number approximately equal to 2.718281828459. The natural logarithm of x is generally written as ln x, loge x, or sometimes, if the base e is implicit, simply log x.
  23. This was until I knew about the freedom of cartography and how anyone is free to make one that's reliable..
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