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  1. There seems to be a tendency to try to make supernatural beliefs fit into the natural realm. Describing heaven as living on in memories is not very convincing nor very reassuring to those who see heaven in the common use of the term. You will live on somehow until the last person remembers you. Speaking of mental crutches a lot of folks still like to look at extreme odds events happening as miracles (when they are positive). A sole survivor of a plane crash. A holocaust survivor. Surviving a disease. Etc. But who is charting negative things like lightning strikes, shark attacks, e
  2. What happens to isolated peoples who don't have interactions with others? Who's memories of them will live on? And what happens to your afterlife when all those who ever knew you are dead and gone? Seems like a very short and finite existence either way in the grand scheme. Even if you have managed to make a big impact on the world and get in the history books...those books will be gone someday...and this time will be relatively short compared to the time scale of the universe or even the Earth's existence. It has been said, however, that all moments in time exist and are potentially
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