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  1. i think Joe Biden's many years was the biggest advantage any Demo had. It was his years of actually cooperating with Republicans and Democrats that made him a known commodity. I think I'm older than Biden and I never considered him a good candidate until this election. I would vote for a cow before i would ever,ever, ever vote for Donald Trump. Biden was all we had . I don't care if he seems too old.He was a good vice president and really helped Obama' presidency. You go with what you got !
  2. Why does one member of the US Senate get to decide what laws or proposals can be debated. Seems to be to be a blue print for trouble. Majority leader turned czar. Wouldn't flipping a coin even be smarter than McConnell?
  3. This topic is running 8 Pages,unfortunately I was responding to a first page post.I suppose my post seems out of context. I responded to iNOW because it is my experience that too many discussion groups online simple enjoy putting down a newby. I don't care how intelligent someone is if you find my opinion is just word salad that you need to ignore have the good manners not to shove it in my face before you ignore it.
  4. Holier than thou, you didn't ignore it... if you did you wouldn't have responded. I have a right to my opinion!....What's holier than thou to you may not be nonsense to everyone. Someone in the discussion had suggested Americans think democracy is just a word. I suppose you agreed with that post..Ahh..but then you can ignore that.
  5. Trump,although not highly intelligent, is not stupid. I suspect Trump is being schooled by Russian friends.The Russians have practiced mis-information for almost a century. I think Trump is plugged into russian theories of 'subversion 101'/How to overthrow democracies...Nazi practice: "Say it enough,over and over and over again"..Trump starts to believe his own nonsense. Mr. Trump will get his turn in the barrel.It is just a matter of time.
  6. W.C. Fields(Amer.commic).."Water is for washing..Liquor is for drinking"
  7. As an American i won't apologize for selfish or unprincipled countrymen. Democracy isn't just a word. I'm betting relatives of many in this Science Forum have paid some price for western democracy. Those who have relatives or even friends who haven't come home from past military service know democracy is not just a word. No matter who might have won the 2020 presidency there would have still been millions of americans working to maintain democracy in a free world. I believe most who visit these fora would agree.....I pray we all can experience the freedom to pursue happiness and support 'Just' law and order. Black lives matter. All lives have always mattered to me,even Police lives. I believe nothing i have written is really foreign to the ideals of these Science Fora....Probably I should just delete..
  8. Is or does the source of ALL have intelligence? Were the sources of energy or matter just coincidental?
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