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  1. Ah.... because I am a blend of them! It is just that! I do not follow the history of this particular people. I gladly accept suggestion of good books on this subject. Best, /\/ /\/
  2. Oh, Dear, do not infer "they (who?) purged the Cossaks from what I said.My sentence has no double meaning or many consequences. It is just a personal report. My people fled to Brazil. Only a personal report and I believe that History is a collection of personal relats and not writin using a single case. I believe that Math is a branch of Philosophy. My personal believe. Applied Mathematics is another piece of this game. I never sowed this field. Best, /\/ /\/
  3. Fate is a strange dice that we do not control. We jump and try our best. I was born very poor. A family of survivors from the Second World War purge, not a Jew, nor a Kossac, not a Gipsy but part of them, só, no sides to shelter my grand parents. I was borm very poor and remeber starving. Brasil is not for amateurs! On the other side, the college is for free and you can get food and some clothes, só, I could attend the university amongst very rich kids. Do not know how but my grades very high enough to be there. It was a game, like jumping a circle of fire. Maybe I was able to jump but, after some jumps, there was nothing but stress, poverity and decepcion. I am not telling a personal history as if it were a glorious fight. I saw fights in my place. Native fight against miners, againt diseases. I saw poor girls fighting against misery and winning all the odds in an “male world”. I like Carlos Castañeda books. Once I was told he is totally fake but I like Don juan most of all and Don Juan says that a warrior must grab the 1mm³ of chances he/she got. I am very pragmatic. I do not mind my role in that teather. I am going to do my best and extract the fully joy of that act. I believe we are very talented and able to do the best face to the rules of the game we have to play I know people that cannot be that clever. I know people that complain the husband they choose (there is no arranged matrimonies im my place for 200 years!), they complain the age, no matter how old are they, the lack of courage or the lack opportunities, spite you spare them the best piece of that play. You are a warrior and I sense that. Just wanted to say that I know you did the best and grabbed all the chances. Best /\/ /\/
  4. It looks a hard job. I suppose no harm on explaining more. I need more flags to walk in the jungle! Our writung is a jungle to anyone that walks unaware. Sometimes we need just some signs to walk in a new world! Best, /\/ /\/
  5. By the way, my claim in not "I solved P=NP". You cold foreseen the past because my proof was wrong. I submited a result based on my atteptive of proof. Please, be careful on reading!
  6. Hello Dear, I think that you must publish it. Try SAT-live, http://www.satlive.org/. Maybe you are speaking Trumpsh, a new language that does not allow rational arguing. ;can you read my draft? Do you have the skil for it? y background is Math but it is not a cumbersome paper. Give me, please, a more adult answer, best /\/ /\/(angela)
  7. I've submited a paper that was a result of a frustreted attept to show that P=NP. I found a fatal flaw but mended the pieces. The result is a draft Iǘe submited and some exemples in my page. Not a "proof", but a weaking of 3.SAT. Maybe there are classes of formulas we can untangle. I am seeking for advices better than "give up" for it is not real Science nor Philosofy. Thanks for the hints, angela https://www.ime.usp.br/~weiss/
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