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  1. What part of my position do you politely want clarified?
  2. Still my muddy position consist of Apple, Google, Netflix, Raytheon and about 800 other stocks.
  3. I did state my position clearly, your total inability to comprehend is not my problem. Might be due to the alcohol I love shrinking shrinks
  4. Duh, do you want cars banned because idiots get drunk and crash? If there were no cars there would be no drunk drivers Are you an alcoholic or just a fed doing a stress test on yourself
  5. Or offering help to someone trying to skirt toxic waste laws
  6. Nope as alcohol is consumed by choice. Very poor analogy Nope society is not to blame because 99 percent of alcohol users do not become addicted. See all you are focusing on are the problems and not the larger picture, if there was no alcohol idiots would still sniff glue
  7. While drunkenness is a temporary condition alcoholism arises from a more permanent set of conditions that cause the disease. This is determined not by the alcoholic but by the vast majority of alcohol users who have no problems with consumption
  8. If you do not know what the waste is then someone who knows should be called. Unknown waste should not be handled as it can not be handled properly
  9. I already have Google and am hoping that their quantum division bets broken up into baby Googs like happened to ATT and the baby bells. So anyone have ideas about startup quantum players?
  10. I hope that you are aware that many if not all chemicals change during processing and that harmless chemicals can become very dangerous even when properly handled. So the real answer here is that you should not be handling anything that you are clueless about Should you?
  11. Do all poor people steal? Answer NO Case closed If you can't do the time, do not do the crime
  12. I'll take a crack. Your approach is wrong, because if the t cells do not attack certain organs this is an observation that like many medical topics is no where being close to understood. You are asking why a cell does something, do you expect the cells to answer questions
  13. Nah I bought Apple and Google, because real science pays
  14. It is delusional at the least to say that humanity must from the Earth understand the Universe. One thing that I can tell you for a fact, is that 85 percent of the Universe is NOT missing, 100 percent of the Universe is right where it belongs, the fact that minuscule and irrelevant humans do not Understand this fact attributes to legal sales of alcohol, cigarettes and dimwitts babbling that climate change began 150 years ago when 20000 years ago half the Earth was glaciated But but but scientist say Define scientist
  15. Assuming that people know what a galaxy should be composed of or how they should move in the first place. No one has this info, so they work out a math equation and then say the Universe is 85 percent missing. It's also a delusional assumption to say with impunity that gravity is the same everywhere as it is on Earth as 99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 percent of the universe is unexplored, and no looking at billions of year old light does not count for exploration
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