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  1. Wrong! That's all that's being "bag you're wrong" no bother to counter-argue the original details just completely avoided by everyone.
  2. Tell me the morals of debt slavery then.
  3. Fair enough. I just don't like when they bring guns into business. Home seizing shouldn't be allowed it is an ancient European imperialist custom where they unrolled a piece of paper and declared land by way of murder. Just cleaving through resources now and still guns come out by the writing of a pin. That is just business as usual. The status quo must be maintained to keep the flock in check no matter the cost!
  4. IDoNotCare


    Instead of doing science, let's see what the highest number the average Murrciann can count to and make that the price for everything. Grow the fuck up, I won't participate in this idiocracy
  5. No it doesn't make any sense. Right now everyone on here has internet so they're in a residence. Someone doesn't believe in capitalism, keep in mind people are murdering other people and police are not preventing that, so the police respond after the fact to those oops too late we weren't understanding these people well enough to predict it because we don't know or care 😂 they show up and threaten this guy with razor baton gun. He says this is my home I'm not leaving, they taser him but he's too pissed, he manages to snap one of the cops necks in an instant but eventually monetary owned guns prevail. Now, that home was already his, everyone else has one. Doesn't make sense. Some Arab terrorist buys it Muricah! Capitalism for a capital all caps fuck you I will go fuck an elephant for patriotism. Grow up
  6. I don't have a problem when police keep people safe. The problem I have comes into factor when they can perform evictions or home seizures due to monetary reasons. This should not be allowed, failure to provide residence is the fault of people failing to account for the children they made or allowed to be made. It's the same hypocritical lagassness that allowed the law of wealth to arbitrarily dictate quality of life and it's lazy, wasteful and someone needs to put these American civilians and law enforcement in their lowly place and put them down for good. I want 100 capitalist scalps for every home seizures and eviction that occurs because of money. What even is the policy of that!? Do they release them on charges for resisting arrest to live on the streets? I mean why aren't we having Ferguson levels of class warfare, where cops are being killed for the right reasons, not some false idea of purely black oppression it upsets me that that was the reason for the recent failed pathetic uprising. I want a successful class warfare uprising that is done out of pure hate of currency. That forces the us to become a Venus Project in months not centuries. Seriously WTF!!!! happens that allows a person to be born without any free home!? Was it something like "whip whip we can't all be heirs whip whip" grow the fuck up capitalism and contracting police doesn't just effect black people. Fuck the left and fuck the right There's so much I could say on the senseless crimes of Congress. They control the drug flow none of these children were born and were like "let me sale drugs" we are not only laxidqzical but intentionally dense and deliberately so Police protect jack shit, idiots
  7. It's probably already happened and I'm restricted from access for some barbaric reason.
  8. As far as I know about normal methods it's just mixing up development of different brain regions. Going from chess com to reading, to writing, to math. But plasticity alone won't make you too much better especially not after 25. Plus there's the longevity benefits of transhumanism
  9. The sad thing is people won't even look at different ideas, I can't even go to a physics journal or even put further implications here on physics or anywhere outside only pure mathematical expressions (i.e. physics implications) except personal notes because people won't plot out those instructions or they have a precedence preference to normal Newtonian calculus and physics. I'm thinking of applying some topology tricks I've learned so I can maybe just counterproof the Beal conjecture with my 2C/pi method and fund my own research into energy, propulsion and transhumanism (brain augmentation).
  10. Knowing where one component of the mechanics of the interactions that our thoughts ends, and another component begins, is one thing, that's just chemical to electrical or cellular to chemical. Inside our brains, at the subatomic level there are other interactions made of those same components at the exact same spot and time as per Heisenberg uncertainty but physically not so much. Knowing where all components end in the physical universe is another matter altogether. I approached quantum gravity as a mathematical construct here: If you were to simulate all those points (unlike lines, points are dimensionless) imagine how man ones and zeros that is. Still less than the physical universe, any shape has infinite points in even it's 1 dimensional structure but we don't need all them for mathematical topologies which is why I believe history from the big bang to the electrons in a human brain can be simulated with enough processing power without using all the energy in the universe.
  11. No, but without knowing trajectory and position of the bio-electric signals it's impossible for the new substrate to carry the specific messages involved in continuity of consciousness because you might be encapsulating nearby electrons that aren't even involved in the messaging between those chemicals.
  12. The synapses contain chemicals that interact electroweakly which is why there are "bio-electric signals" that can be translated into pure electric signals in the case neuron nanite replacement but not without being certain of both position and trajectory.
  13. "In familiar three-dimensional gravity, the minimum energy of a microscopic black hole is 1019 GeV (equivalent to 1.6 GJ or 444 kWh), which would have to be condensed into a region on the order of the Planck length. This is far beyond the limits of any current technology." Most red and green laser pointers used today operate at 1-5 milliwatts (mW) output power; they are Class 3a laser devices. Most of the energy being used here is coming from the vacuum particles with mass themselves and the sheer heat of a narrow led laser so that's just the work of convex nanoglass which requires no energy. It would be different if this were on a larger scale where notable mass isn't just appearing from no where.
  14. It doesn't matter how much weaker (heat per width) the laser is to start other than it will take longer to get it small enough to make another micro-bh it will still be the same size, because the same amount of material is absorbing the same amount of heat no matter how weak the laser is to begin with. In fact, if all you start out with is a laser pointer the radiation from an evaporating micro bh should exceed the amount of energy put in, in the form of a blue laser bolt post ballistic resonance offered by ultra pure crystalline material. Not to mention two bolts, it should take less time to narrow them enough as they are already more concentrated than the laser pointer.
  15. 1. Electrons in synapses =\= neurons. You can't replace substrates, (i.e. neurons to nanorobotics) without messing with the content of the synapses between them going from biological to mechanical. 2. The very fact that our quantum computers can't be coherent at high temperatures just shows that quantum probability is just patchwork covering for unforseen variables like quantum gravity which exists on subatomic scale (i.e. electrons) all the time at any temperature below the planck temperature. So until you have those variables you shouldn't mess with the bio-electric patterns in someone's synapses.
  16. Consciousness is the word the word you're looking for, your conscience is your sense of morality. The brain may form naturally but nature is built on unseen variables patched up by quantum probability arithmetics. If you want to change substrates quantum coherence definitely comes into play otherwise in vitro neuron replacement becomes bioelectric to electronic lobotomy. An artificial neuron built from electronics will house far more processing power than a neuron, so this is how you make the brain as big as possible without taking up any more space and this topic I think wants to make the human brain in particular bigger and better and this is the only way to do that.
  17. This should have been done a long time ago. Money was originally useful, 2,000 years ago; as a universal form of barter. Now however it's methods are mainly nefarious as a form of controlling, monopolizing and mishandling resources in general. A form of scarcity counting is devaluation of the value aka inflation. Saying that just because resources become scarce that money needs increase is just baseless and arbitrary. We need to use what's called a Resource Based Economy where electric power is valued over gasoline, etc.
  18. Just putting neurons in there doesn't work you have to know what they are doing down to the quantum scale. The human brain only functions like a human brain because of how many neurons it has. The elephant has more neurons. But I think OP is talking about artificial enhancement, which would best be done by neuron replacement surgery, in vitro neuron nanorobotic replacement specifically. The issue with this is the uncertainty of where the electrons in the synapses are, if anywhere, because the more certain we are of their positions the less certain we are of their future trajectories when replacing them. You'd probably need a quantum theory of gravity and planet sized computer to represent all the numerical bits of quantum activity before you could replace such an intricate organ as the human brain with something better while maintaining one's continuity of consciousness.
  19. Why can't the gamma radiation released in the dipole moment before evaporation be captured? In fact, just by being in front of the radiation the ultra pure crystalline material captures and concentrates these gamma rays via ballistic resonance. And if aligned properly the convex nanoglass can magnify a single bolt as well as loop or alter the trajectory of the bolt enough for a planck temperature to be achieved again in the right spot. Perfect place and time after the preceding singularity radiates it's mass into oblivion. There are just as many particles in the area no matter how many times you use pure laser heat to condense the quantum particles into a singularity.
  20. It's not condensing a laser bolt, and any micro black hole will release enough energy but no continuously so you have to loop a bolt back into the center. This works because it is not the laser itself that becomes a black hole, it's the residual matter that contacts a very magnified and narrowed laser bolt. It requires only ultra pure crystals and convex nano glass to make a laser bolt that has a warped, curved path, to narrow that bolt. So it's not requiring any additional energy to produce the black hole, just heat and material already present. The area of this setup of crystal, glass, and residual particulates and heat will never lose those things. Unless the black hole itself eats your crystals, which is why they need to be tethered by a miniature Birch star. A Birch sphere is like a Dyson sphere but with a black hole, and requires carbon nanotubes to maintain structural integrity while so close to an event horizon, it would have to tether by nanotube rods the clear convex materials that direct and shape the laser bolt made from the mini quasar jets made by the split second evaporating micro black hole. Unlike large Dyson spheres this is microscopic but overtime just as energetic as the large-scale thing. Unlike on the stellar scales, matter on the quantum scale will be continuously renewed by vacuum fluctuations: https://www.fnal.gov/pub/today/archive/archive_2013/today13-02-01_NutshellReadmore.html#:~:text=These ephemeral subatomic particles are,some ridiculously non-intuitive stuff.&text=At the quantum scale%2C space,the wink of an eye. When a part of a laser beam, or a laser bolt with finite length, can't escape a continuous magnification effect, will eventually become hot enough to ignite these ephemeral particles into a micro-black hole which will produce gamma beams (quasar) that can be controlled into very hot lasers starting with a ballistic resonance (citation in OP) into a bolt that can loop through the magnifying glass until it is hot enough to recreate that micro-black hole after or the instant it's predecessor evaporates. There is no additional energy needed yet the spin of the micro bh will constantly give back energy if the said materials creating it are encased in magnetic micro rings 🧲 in the form of an electric field. So it's just a self-sustaining battery that uses quantum effects like beam narrowing heat gains and vacuum fluctuations to it's advantage. Narrowing a concentrated beam that does not expand makes it hotter the thinner it gets, with convex glass or ultra pure crystals it's just a matter of time before it gets hot enough to collapse quantum particles into a micro bh (see planck temperature) if ballistic resonance can finalize the concentration of partially concentrated gamma radiation released by said object in a dipole moment. On this scale it's a dipole moment which become short laser bolts, on the macro level it's called a quasar. The only issue I see is that each time a micro bh is created the apparatus will drop toward the earth. You can either place the nano engine on a stand, but a more practical use is to get an eternally accelerating electron drive where the aforementioned magnetic micro rings are encased in an ultra-light oval surface with a hole in the bottom.
  21. I explained using the energy it puts out to replace it. It doesn't matter if there is an inequality in power output to replace it, this only needs a spark. Narrowing a beam's wavelength will eventually make another one even if it's just a single laser bolt.
  22. In this link, near the end of the video, Matt O'Dowd explains that thermal black holes can be created in a vacuum by nothing but solar radiation - given one can absorb 20% of the sun's total energy output into hematite to generate such a powerful laser. Early in this video, we see in the physics programmed into Universe Sandbox 2 says about the vast amounts of energy contained within very narrow laser beams, with a typical laser pointer beam narrowed to about .1 nanometers will cause small parts of the earth's surface to be vaporized. Then it occured to me we don't need to consume entire planets in order to make thermal black holes, we can just catch a beam in a circle of magnifying glass that bends the laser light in a circle around and around until it's less than .1 nanometers wide. This method for bending and narrowing beams are demonstrated in these videos: Now, there is one issue with getting more output than input from energy this way, it is that the thermal micro-black hole will spew out no more energy than than we put in to make the lasers that make them, if they were small enough to evaporate safely in a lab. The solution was to use that energy to make more beams, this way we can use magnetic nano rings to harness - in an electric field - the composite angular momenta of these micro black holes and get back overtime more energy than it took to make the first laser. The issue with that is the energy emitted during total evaporation will be in the form of rays and as you saw in the last video it was stated that there's no way to turn a ray into a beam. Unless you have ultra pure crystalline materials and can harness an effect known as ballistic resonance, as explained in this link: https://www.google.com/amp/s/scitechdaily.com/new-physical-paradox-discovered-by-russian-scientists-ballistic-resonance/amp/ It was demonstrated that "mechanical oscillations can be excited due to internal thermal resources of the system"; with said internal resources being the crystal itself. Such excitation being the "amplitude of mechanical vibrations can grow without external influence" - that amplitude being the maximum amplitude of the blue shift we see in the photo they provided - "for example, the heat can flow from cold to hot. This behavior of nanosystems leads to new physical effects, such as ballistic resonance,” and this in effect will give you that laser you need to get started because as explained in the link this hot beam " first almost decayed, but then revived and reached nearly the initial level. The system came to its initial state, and the cycle repeated itself. "; because there are two points in a micro black hole, known as a dipole, where the energy realeased is a semi-beam that oscillatory excitation from ballistic resonance should chissel the dipoles into two lasers.
  23. I'm convinced matter is neutrinos and the gravitons radiate from positions where they overlapped or are continuously overlapping and photons are made from the overlap and therefore cancellation of charge (annihilation) where gravitons overlap. So objects like quarks would be interchanging neutrino content constantly as they are pulled around from place to place by gravitons.
  24. I agree, these are specific situations each most of the time involving either barfights or people who deal drugs, etc. The Zodiac killer is one in a million.
  25. This is all innevitable in a system like this, the police will ALWAYS end up on the wrong side of justice. As I said in another topic: "You have to pump money into the system, but you are not all allowed education. That’s communism, that’s the Left, that’s the Right, that’s universal in all countries. You HAVE to pay taxes. You see an RBE is so radically liberating that none of these are requirements enforced by gunpoint. I regress, we aren’t forced to work at gunpoint directly because they trick you, you see, they knock off Maslow’s first tier of most basic needs and then get a criminal to resist so they can kill ‘em. " So no, police do not need more money or guns. We the sheeple need guns for class warfare and hostile takeover. Anarchy. May there be bank robberies, may the decadent be ripped from their luxuries homes and forced to fend for themselves on the cold streets I say! Let's do this, who is with me!?
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