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  1. I find the answer,my question was wrong about IN function,when we use diodes to make IN function,like when in the input is all 1 the output will be set to 1 that means high,but I have seen wrong the schematic,we are using forward diodes to implement that. By the way I have other question similar to this.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diode_logic#/media/File:Diode_OR_Ideal_Diode.jpg I do not understand this well.R can return to any negative voltage. If R is connected to 0 volts it will have no drive current available to drive the next circuit; practical diodes need a bias current. In a prac
  2. Why we are using to realize an IN function with diodes reversed biad diodes?I read in a book that if the present concentration of electrons is bigger than the equilibrium concentration n0(n>n0) the recombinations are bigger than the generations.I do not understand this well,generations are when electrons from the valence band are getting in the conduction band,that means in this case we have more electrons in the atom,recombination is the opposite when electrons are making pairs with holes,so some kind of neutrality,then how recombinations are bigger then generations when n>n0,concludin
  3. With FunctionExpand beta function will be written with gamma function,how to write gamma function with beta function?
  4. Memorize the spelling,then the meaning in your language.
  5. Totally agree that understanding is more important,but for some areas of the lesson the only way to know some thing is just to remember it,like some block diagrams you need that just to keep in mind,there is no way to understand because it is just a scheme.Compare that when learning a new language you need to memorize the new word,then use it.
  6. Have a whole picture of a lesson,all diagrams,all formulas in my head,so I can simply solve the task I wanted.
  7. Thank you so much.I need a lot of excessive memory due to my faculty branch..
  8. Is there any true way to increase the eidetic memory,something like tecnique you should do every day and practise that every day continiously?
  9. Is it possible to decrease the systematic error to zero,approximately zero the ideal state,if we consume that the systematic error occurs because of the temperature difference in the room where we are meausiring,the instruments are getting older when we are using all the time.For example if we are at a room which we can nearly keep the temperature difference constant,and we use only new bought instruments,can the systematic error become to zero.Is that possible to explain theoretically and practically?
  10. Is there a command in Mathematica to transform a Beta function to Gamma function,actually when the output it is written in Beta function to transform that in Gamma function.If there is not a command for that can someone if he/she has a code to post here about this topic. Thanks for the answer.
  11. Justin2


    1) If we just imagine like we have connect a p side with n side that is practically impossible,but we will just imagine for understanding the physical image.So,after that there is a differrent situation in pn segment we have different quantity about electrons and gaps,the electrons are going in the p side because there are fewer and gaps in an opposite direction.So we have electrical field which direction is from positive charge to negative charge.Between the 'borders' of p and n side there is no electric field,automatically no current,that area is called typically barrier or poor area.
  12. Justin2


    When we have in diodes electron tunelling it is said that is much easier,when the barrier is slighter and much more covering valence band on p side and conduction band on n side?How is that possible?If we have slighter barrier electron will be much less to go through that barrier?Thanks for the answer.
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