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  1. Are you really enough of a crackpot to believe that electricity and water should be subject to a symbolic green paper with some douchbag's face on it? Or should we limit mating and only provide for set people by counting resources? What gives these shitty superpowers the right to evict me? Firepower? heh What's to stop me from living in a trailer in order to cut waaaaaay back on the cost living and go to Lockhaven Pennsylvania in a quite serene mountain somewhere. I mean, as a cog in the wheel of authoritative, sometimes murderous (waco facility), police, a fricken military in the wrong - should I accept this as a reward for effort, or god forbid labor for it, or should we all wipe our ass with it: Personally, I want this guy to be 90% of Congress: https://www.businessinsider.com/ray-kurzweil-thinks-well-all-be-cyborgs-by-2030-2015-6 Or a protege of this guy https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacque_Fresco People like these should have firepower over congress irl The advent of gunpowder has created a few hundred years worth of Dick tators who call true democracy Communism. In fact monarchs have been calling real liberation Communism for nearly a century.
  2. Abuse of authority will not be tolerated by everyone. There are two types of people in this world. I'm the kind that doesn't lick the boot you jackwagon. Who else is on the Strange jerkoff wagon? Every green rep, probably. You jerk off to an admin and they will use 3286 accounts to keep you on their payroll. Well admins/mods like that just do it for the lulz. God forbid it's not serious power tripping. Neg again proving my point. I'm not on the jackwagon here.
  3. It seems like that mod isn't here for anything other than to amuse himself. Definitely not a legitimate science site, it's like Take5 or the Lounge.
  4. Well hang on there is a precedence for this: It's the same as postulating we can dump 20% of the suns radiation focused into a single point to create a thermodynamic black hole QVDP: That should arise enough suspicion to give merit to the experiment. And again I haven't done the experiment so I'm not saying the self sustenance would work yet either way is fine with me. If the beams cross at like 100 points to create positrons and electrons, they can be pushed by newer generations so as to pass right by the opening and emit light back into the donut. It doesn't have to conserve 100% of the energy to ignite (self sustaining) the process. It only needs to conserve the vast majority of energy (light) That is, the photon emission of the light based quasiparticles in this system only needs to surpass what energy is not reflected by the mirror
  5. It's sort of like postulating that mass particles from the vacuum can be ignited by photon collisions. Even positrons can emit light that will feed back into the array without any outside source. particularly : And no, this hasn't even been tested yet, we don't use the QVD the way your describing pre-existing experiments.
  6. Dark force that little addition to of 25% gained by adding polarizing filters is an effect called the QVD paradox. Other energy are mass particles specifically assembled by crossing the polarized rays. Even if the mirrors contain some of the energy it's fraction of a percent and does not take away self-sustenance or prevent longterm buildup of vacuum energy of the array.
  7. In all likelihood if there is a superior intelligence that sets to precedence and emergence of man it's a thermodynamic Boltzmann brain during late entropy.
  8. What if I told you that saying that the past is the past is no more accurate than saying the past is the future. Our perception of time is a matter of subjectivity.
  9. Suffice it to say, a lot of different types of "energy" go into this apparatus.
  10. Real physics is results, I would agree. You can't say, when any actual physics has been done it's been the result of an experiment. You can't say how colliding light rays at several different locations wouldn't result in quasi particles, one collision could push the next. You can't say that's wrong when such a thing hasn't been tested yet. We have hands and the ability to do math, the rudimentary stage is always the physical experiment. I mean in the experiment, I am the sorting demon, letting light in through opening a door and preventing light from getting out by closing it. Use c to get the timing right, c in a very small space is still calculable and not quite instantaneous. Scientific method. I'm getting a lot of whys, but I respond why not? Experimentation will who is right.
  11. Imagine the polarized rays as quark screws that you use to open a wine bottle. If two of the screw connect from multiple directions, that point of contact between multiple polarized rays will for all intents and purposes become a positron or an up quark or what have, depending on the severity of the gamma shift. How would it circulate more light back into the system, will any positively charged particle will emit light.
  12. Those are big questions. Understanding requires simplification not complexification. Hidden variables, what are they? They are hidden!
  13. Uncertainty always leads to decoherence in qubits. That's all I was trying to say. The quantum is a code which I do believe can be cracked, otherwise we HAVE to use probability mechanics until then. Sycamore is google's latest quantum computer breakthrough: https://ai.googleblog.com/2019/10/quantum-supremacy-using-programmable.html
  14. Well the great thing about quasi-particle printing is replacing molecular parts. Just match the strong nuclear force for atoms that make "perfect mirrors". If the sorting door is at 6 o'clock than the magnifying glass section for the donut would have to be at 12 o'clock to feed itself so the beam goes straight to the door. For the actual experiment at least, the molecular assembly won't be apart of it. You only need to show it work once before polarizing light filters start melting for the experiment portion.
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