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  1. Attached is a design of a mechanical machine that requires an explanation of its properties and potential. On the surface this machine may be a bit hard to understand. How does it work, what are the forces involved? All I ask is that you look at it and then ask what this is is all about with specifics or whatever you want. SEAPOWER.pdf
  2. Once you realize God exists, it is impossible to stop believing in Him. Once you invoke the word, wright the word or think the word, this just proves once again; God does indeed exist As I see it, anyway If you have an opinion, express it; just remember you do not speak for "people".,.,.,.,.,; just you
  3. fantastic news, I will pass it on to my friends again, thanks
  4. I regret being the one to say it, but viruses have been infecting humans from day one and will continue to do so. That is why our bodies have antibodies to kill the virus before it kills us. Some will survive this & others will not May you and yours overcome this now & forever more
  5. very interesting topic I will visit from time to time
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