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  1. Assuming there is a god, there are 3 things that you must figure out first: 1. does the god know of your existence 2. is it a caring god? 3. can the god even interact in our dimension then you have to ask the question of how we can help god (this is assuming that god knows the conscience of all humans, and that he is not a all knowing god) well right now you would want everyone to focus learning and experimenting with a thing you want done (ex: ending disease) so that god can use this combined knowledge and try experimenting solutions. (kind of like a leader of a hive mind) Finally, you have to gain his interest so that he can intervene. But a much easier (and probably faster) way would be for humankind to find the solution themselves, because the way mentioned above would require 1-3 be true.
  2. Since this thread is being used by some to debate if there is a god, here's my take: neither side can be 100% sure that they are correct, it is ok to be on each side as long as you don't impose it on others. Neither side has factual evidence supporting their claims, we just have too little knowledge on the subject. So why are we still debating, a multiple century old debate at that, when we could use the time for something that could benefit humanity. the question of if there is a god could be something I call a "driving question" (something that drives us towards learning for infinity, because it can't be answered, yet we still yearn to answer it). Hopefully this has been helpful to you dear reader 🙂
  3. I stopped when I thought about why god doesn't communicate with humans, giving them intellect or guidance. That led to me thinking that god was just busy with other civilizations on far away planets, because humankind was kind of a experiment for god, with god creating more sapient species that get increasingly more to his liking. I thought this because of the story of Adam and Eve, where they both "betray" god, which might have made god try to make a better species. Finally, I thought, then why should we worship him if we gain nothing because he's too busy with other civilizations. but now I just don't believe in god because I like logic and facts more than faith, and as we evolve, there will be more facts created as we learn. And also that I still don't get the whole "doesn't communicate" thing.
  4. Thank you for bringing this up. So I guess death can be beneficial in some ways, other than the fact that corpses bring nutrients to decomposers. You are right on that, because I doubt anything can last forever. And I agree with you on the "death is apart of life" and that the sooner we accept that, the better we will be.
  5. So all things die, thats a given. There are also people who believe in a god, which is ok. But if there is a higher being we call god, then what's the point of death? Death stops humans from thinking, learning, sharing that knowledge, and possibly sharing their belief in god. There is the point of a afterlife, but why need a afterlife if you just don't die in the first place? Some would say that the afterlife is there to get closer to god, but then why doesn't god just communicate with humans in the physical plane. Whereabout science teaches that currently death is just there, and hopefully we can overcome death someday. Believers and non-believers alike can reply with your take, and maybe find a reasonable answer. 🙂
  6. So I was reading a forum post about characteristics of intelligence (linked below), and the member Sensei brought up a point that IQ isn't static. This got me thinking on how the tests measure IQ and why we have them in the first place. Because in my opinion, a level of intelligence is completely relative, since everyone acts and thinks differently, along with other factors brought up by Sensei. So how do they measure someone's IQ and what are the benefits of being labeled "intelligent" by a IQ test. There is also the fact that there are multiple IQ tests without a main one (I could be wrong about there not being a main one).
  7. I would suppose so, which could be another flaw in my collection of flaws, but I don't know. Thanks for bringing this up, and to make me realize another mistake, which will help me learn. Though if you have a better answer, feel free to share!
  8. Thank you and thanks for letting me know that it was just nothing. Hopefully your linked information will help me later in life, either in science or just known knowledge. Also thanks to everyone who took the time to read this, I know now that this wasn't a good speculation. 🙂
  9. Note before reading: this is my first theory, and as such will have a lot of flaws/ doesn't work with laws of physics/ doesn't work at all. So feedback and corrections will be much appreciated! Also I do not know all the theories out there, and this may be similar to a preexisting theory, which is not my intention. So this is a theoretical model of a cycle involving two universes. Imagine a 3D cylindrical infinity symbol, with the middle two lanes(?) connecting. At the center (from a top or bottom angle) of the overlapping lanes is a indefinitely tall line that divides the overlapping part into four sections, each connected to a side. A universe starts in one section, being created and expanding, until it leads to the other connected section, which closes, representing the universe ending and everything being destroyed. On the opposite section of the destroying section, a second universe is created (note: the second universe was created at the same time as the first universe). This universe has the same path as the first, being created and then destroyed. Both universes can last any years below infinity, as long as the opposite universe lasts the same time. The line in the center and the space outside the model represents nothingness, the space between destruction and creation, with a infinite volume. Both universes end because the other must begin and both risk chance of colliding if it one both aren't destroyed. Space time can exist inside the cylindrical tubes, being a finite rotating cycle within (imagine a cutaway of the model, with space time going around the circle until the end of the universe). If you could not understand this, the file linked might make it easier. model drawing.pdf
  10. Hello everyone, i'm just a random person that likes to think about the universe & make theories. Though be warned, as I am new at this so most of my theories will have a lot of flaws, which is why I would love feedback on any of my posts. I also might post or reply other content, despite my username.
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