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  1. Ok, I see your point. Surely, we should still at least follow the good examples that are promoted rather than the negatives. I don't follow the bible word for word and I know how devastating some of the religious wars have been, it's sad that what should've promoted good was twisted into forcing the beliefs of powerful people. I prefer to try and give up to people that be their equal. Karma is nice but I don't want my enemy to suffer I just want them to accept my apologies even if it isn't my fault. I'll stop now. Sorry for my input here.
  2. I am religious and I don't see it that we need to believe that there is someone above watching over us but I do believe that we should continue to follow religions for the moral side of life. The morals that the religions set out are very important and I think we should try and follow them. I don't think everyone who follows religion believes in god but it's nice to see people having proper faith in the beliefs. According to legend, when the pagan slavs attacked Byzantine, they were very successful and the greeks couldn't stand a chance against them but during the night they prayed (they were
  3. The happiest country is Finland but they still have a suicide rate of 13.8 although Denmark, the second happiest country, has a much lower suicide rate of 9.2. There will never be a perfect country but try looking for the country where you feel most at home or you feel you can belong. I believe people should look around for where they feel they should be before deciding to take their own life, there can always be a path to that place that they can take. I've rambled on a bit and gone off-topic but that's what I think anyway. I live in a country with a high suicide rate but I was born in anothe
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