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  1. Thank you for those thoughts. I was not drinking and it’s highly unlikely anyone created the injuries while I was sleeping. I have no history of mental illness so that’s out..lol. I’m sure there is a logical reason for all of them. Possibly the way my blanket or pillow were laying or something else. The headache was most likely the change in weather we had between yesterday and today. The blotches could be from stress the nightmare induced and possibly triggered a lupus flare up. Interesting either way.. 🙂
  2. Lol, I looked for sure.. no cars in sight!
  3. I woke up this morning after a dream that I was being beaten and stomped and my arm had been run over. After getting tired of trying to sleep, I finally got up. I noticed a throbbing headache and my neck, chest, and left arm/shoulder felt very sore. When I took off my clothes in the bathroom about 15 mins later, I noticed crazy red marks all over my upper body, arms, and legs. I’ve looked in the bed and at the bedding and found nothing that resembles the markings on my forearm or my shoulder. The ones on my chest look like boot prints(I tried to crop them to be more appropriate, apologies for their location). It’s been about an hour now and most of the marks are slowly fading, but some have turned in to bruising. My husband says the marks on my shoulders could be from my knuckles, but he has no response on the markings from my forearm. Odd... Thought it would be neat to share an example with you all to use during your discussions. Have a great day!
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