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  1. I am not the most trained in this field and i havent finished my bachelour but i think the best advice to give to this field of science and others are to have an open mind to listen to what the data have to say, by knowing how to read the data and how to pass it you will be making great works that your Coleagues and Professors will apreciate. In summary be positive think simple and you will succeed.
  2. Vaccines basically insert an inactive "germ" in to our organism, this being creates a response in the human body by antibodies that connect with these antigens. However this reaction is of lesser strength than an active being( in many cases). This reaction will create T memory cells that will know in a new exposition to the malady in question how to react and better destroy it. Some ilnesses attack our immune system so in most cases we are harmless against said diseases unless we have been vaccinated, which implies that a vaccine to that malady exists. When the Black Death attacked Europe, and being this disease one that attacks the immune system (i think) it killed around at least 25 million people through some time, but some people survived wich means if black death attacks again some people will survive
  3. Probably because of the coagulation it would cause in the blood stream. Maybe the doctors dont want to risk peoples lives to make the process faster.
  4. how many species of the chagas vector are there?
  5. To produce a black haired person you could look for a Portuguese person for instance, i for example am a dark brown haired individual with green or part green eyes. But this isnt a usual phenotype in Portugal but there are phenotypes like this in various countries.
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