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  1. Thank you bufofrog. Did you find starting a later age bring any snobbery from fellow employees etc. I don’t mind the hard work I just don’t want to be denied help because of my age. I’ve worked from Trainee to Surveyor for 8 years to get for the top of my profession to be able to get my funds for my dream job, when I say job it know it becomes a lifestyle.
  2. Good Evening All. I have started this thread to get some unbiased advice and knowledge for the above people. I am fortunately being encouraged through work to look at starting Phase 1 Surveys. However I am looking for some advice there are many companies offering training courses for this but through my personality i want to know opinions of this from experienced an Ecologist. I am looking into doing a Open University course too. Would it help me to do both or would either one suffice. I have struggled to get any advice on this so please any response would help me. I would like to add i am a surveyor but in a unrelated field but this is what I’ve always wanted to do however circumstances when I was young prevented me from this. I am 28 I hope no one considers me too old to achieve my dream. Thank you
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