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  1. Do I have to explain it to you? 1. Al Gore has become a billionaire crying "global warming". He now rides around the world in a private jet, badmouthing "fossil fuel" which he burns by the tens of thousands of gallons. 2. Researchers who pocket government grants and contributions from brainwashed "environmentalists." 3. Fake News. The more inaccurate the story, the better it sells. 4. Sierra Club, National Geographic, and all the other Leftist organizations preach climate change in every issue and sell world tours in every issue. How about a $95,000 per person around the world tour by private jet? National Geographic. Hypocrisy on a massive scale. These are all rich and powerful people who use far more fossil fuel than the average schlep, which they DEMAND cut back his use of. Moreover, the socialists want to use this to transfer wealth from America to third world countries.
  2. Where the Global Warming Hoax Was Born Margaret Mead, Anthropologist https://21sci-tech.com/Articles 2007/GWHoaxBorn.pdf You ASSUME. Any time I make a statement inimical to Al Gore and Company, I am instantly challenged to produce sources and references. Why don't you do just that, in the form of peer-reviewed papers which document the fatalities being exclusively attributable to storm route.
  3. Disregard that single storm, or year. There is a gross inconsistency in the pattern, contradicting the Climate Change Narrative. Moreover, you can google the global warming scam/fraud or climate change scam/fraud, and get thousands of hits from books, papers, videos, and presentations to congress by very knowledgeable scientists of every stripe. This would not be possible if it were remotely as "factual" as claimed to be. Truth never lost ground by enquiry. - William Penn, Some Fruits of Solitude
  4. Almost all of the Universe is missing ///Nobody knows what dark matter or dark energy is. ========================== Science of the Gaps Don't worry. Science will figure it all out, you betcha. It's the God of the Gaps that is so laughable, not Science of the Gaps. That's sophisticated and very technical.
  5. Discussion is impossible. Points may be made, but if they do not genuflect to the fraud, they are mocked, dismissed, ridiculed, and utterly ignored. The Weather Channel offered its list of Top 10 Weather Years. Curious to watch and see if it conformed to the Global Warming Fraud (Climate Change) Narrative, I took notes. Worst weather years on record in America were 1995, 2011, 1816, 2012, 1992, 1993, 2005, 1935, 2017, and worst of all, 2013. The storm of the century was March 12, 1993. $5.5 billion damage. This contradicts the claim that climate change is making hurricanes and tornadoes more violent and more frequent. The Great Drought of 1935 needs some explaining as well, but will never get a fair hearing due to the bias in favor of billions of federal research dollars coming down the pipeline.
  6. WHERE "at the surface"? You failed to add the condition of perfectly spherical shape, which of course is not the case. Masses weigh more at the poles, where they are closer to the center. I submit that further decreasing elevation relative to the center will increase measured weight to an optimum, where it will reverse and get lighter until it goes to 0 weight at the center.
  7. What individual has lived longest on a single natural foodstuff, be it fish, meat, vegetable, fruit, or legume? I can't find anything on this interesting question.
  8. A world full of almost impossible people. Profound science, that. It is not remotely true that "any thing" (sic) can happen. Not remotely true. I won't go into the reasons except to point out that this is the perpetual excuse of materialists. Call it Science of the Gaps. As to backgrounds and expertise, how much training and expertise did Orville and Wilbur Wright have in aeronautical engineering? "
  9. Then whatever is your point about aging molecules? Graph provided. Point out any errors in modified graph.
  10. So you're saying that the age of a molecule affects its properties? Old ones work better than new ones? Clouds last only a "few thousand seconds"? That doesn't sound like science to me. 1. Water vapor has a broader IR spectrum than carbon dioxide, so the claim of "feedback" is utterly specious. 2. Water vapor represents ~15,000 ppmv, versus ~410 ppmv for carbon dioxide. 3. The Keeling Curve is scientific fraud, designed to mislead and deceive, which science should never do.
  11. The science channel had a physicist who travels the world measuring to a hundredth of a gram the weight of a plaster gnome. He demonstrated that the gnome loses 2 hundredths of a gram from the ground floor to the 108th floor of a high rise. His error was in claiming that the closer you get to the center of the earth, the heavier your weight will be. Quite impossible, no? So I created a crude representation of how weight changes with below grade elevation, but can't quite manage to determine the depth at which measured weight is maximized. A very neat problem in my opinion.
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