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  1. Sex is an inherent part of our survival, it is meant to be pleasant and easy to indulge in in order for as many chances of offspring obtaining your desired genes for the next generation of Humans, we exist like animals, survive like animals, and die like animals, we have only made ourselves 'Special' for we are the only species of animal with intelligence exceeding any other, the ability to speak to each other in languages, and therefore be able to build societies and learn technology.
  2. I am new to these forums, I plan on being here to collaborate with other individuals who are good with physics and science in order for me to understand space-time fully. I am currently planning on posting a large question regarding a space-time related issue that has plagued my mind since mid-late 2018 which results in me fearing death as a result of traumatic circumstances in my childhood and a traumatic circumstance on the first day of 2018 and in mid-late 2018. But overall, I am not on these forums for help with any school work as I have already finished school, however, I do feel rather late on the science bandwagon due to me being too traumatised for 4.5 years to be motivated to continue with the subjects I once rather enjoyed, those subjects being Art, Computer Generated Imagery, Maths, and Science. Pleased to meet you all and I hope to get the perfect answer to my question, as well as collaborate on some goals I have that require Science, and Mathematics. Replies to this thread are much appreciated. - .Atomic_
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