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  1. All in fair quantity 1 attempt at some dry humour in a house of intellectual seriousness seemed fair to me, in my hopes someone got a chuckle and then back to there contribution to society using their gift of intelligence to help solve the wonders of the universe in no way is this deemed to humour the importance and seriousness of the forum. The forum still holds it's reputation and honor as a place of intellectual converse sir. In all honesty a better attempt at dry humour would be a question from Monty Pythons meaning of life but you win and lose sir and I may have drawn the stick for bad joke
  2. That's the humour in a place like this sir.
  3. I'm curious to this sophisticated question as to...... Was Rudolph's nose really red? Comments questions concerns serious answers only.
  4. Theories on using Piezoelectric Energy to harvest ocean currents/waves to use as a renewable energy source?
  5. I undestand this falls under pseudoscience but I'm curious on personal opinions and factual evidence regarding the legitimacy of this field of study? Eager to hear responses! Good or bad
  6. Its the field of energy and information that surrounds and interpenetrates the human body. It is composed of both measurable electromagnetic energy and hypothetical subtle energy. There's alota interesting articles on it it's interesting to look at, basically it's our bodies magnetic field. If im quoting it all correctly. I'm very interested in it from the Scientific point of view and the spiritual point of view. I just enjoy thinking it could be a sham or there could he something to it but that's the fun in conversing about it. Take a look and give me your opinion I'd be happy to hear it. Since our body emits electromagnetic radiation such as thermal and resonates a frequency of I think 5 hz There energy field pertaining to all living beings Humans have an overall electromagnetic human field that extends outside the body, and determines an auric/energetic border, bigger than the physical one Biofields are also displayed by Kirlian photography.
  7. Opinions or personal theories on this? Legitimacy, Facts, Personal ideas? Just enjoy view points and personal ideas and facts just eager to learn.
  8. Pretty much answered my question and like I said I'm no genuis just enjoy science and questioning stuff, I just thought in a sense Quantum Superposition or Entaglement defied time because of the EPR Paradox explanation of Causality where the two particles collapsed instantaneously? Thank you sir
  9. So I'm new to this but I'm curious as to times correlation to Quantum Computers, if qubits ect. Can be both ect. Wouldn't quantum computers defy time and be the key to predict the future to an extent through algorithms and Ai ? In other words with the vast knowledge that AI has gathered including Facebooks algorithms and data of social trends and human predictability in groups such as in psychology like a flock of birds, couldn't quantum computing and Ai with an outside influence such as propaganda steer human events or history? Like I said I'm 22 not so smart but if you understand what I'm asking and can give me your best explanation and answer I would be greatful. I apologise in advance if the question seems all over the place.
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