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  1. For the biology people out there, question for you: does exhaling deeply immediately after inhaling something help to expel it from the lungs? For example, if one inhales smoke or other substance and then immediately exhales as deeply as they can, does that get rid of (more of) the smoke/substance in their body (than otherwise)? Or does it do nothing, or worse?
  2. It’s food purchased from a food delivery app and doesn’t have a list of ingredients. Indian savory dish with rice and meat. The toxic substance didn’t smell or taste like vinegar and it was much stronger.
  3. I almost ingested something that smelled and tasted toxic and similar to nail polish remover in food my wife bought using a food delivery app and then placed in the fridge. I knew there was something off before I even put it in my mouth when I saw a lot of liquid beneath the food that shouldn’t be there. The second I placed it in my mouth I knew immediately something was very wrong; I spit it out immediately and rinsed thoroughly. Only then did I sniff the food and realized there was something in there that is not meant to be ingested. Now I would like to know what the substance is. The reason I’m posting about this here is it seems there are some people here who are knowledgable about this as I came across this related thread on a Google search: However, in my case I don’t think this is enough evidence to suggest my wife was trying to poison me so I think it may be jumping the gun to file a police report at this stage and potentially develop a huge rift between my wife and I. Initially I did call the police thinking they could help get the substance tested but after a brief discussion they ultimately recommended I call a poison control center. So I did that but after I told them I ingested minimal if any of the substance and wasn’t showing symptoms, they said that testing for food samples will have to be done at a lab. I’ve placed the food in zip-locked bags. For the moment I’d just like to get this substance tested to see what it is. I live in NYC. Would getting it tested at a lab really rack into the thousands? In any case which lab(s) would you recommend for this? Particularly any open on the weekend so I can get it tested asap. Otherwise if not getting the food tested at a lab what would you recommend?
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